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Our Mission

Our mission is to share yoga, shamanism, and Tai Chi as practices that help us reach an optimal state of being! We honor the ancient teaching and the cultures which these lineages stem from. We (Ray and Nina Crist) have been steeped into the practices of yoga, shamanism and martial arts for over 20 years!  We have both been initiated by the elders Don Francisco and Don Sebastian as Alto Mesaioks and Kuraq Q’awaq and have been directly instructed by the elders to share the ways of the Q'ero throughout the world! We are in direct and frequent communication and receive their guidance and support! 

My journey to health and 
to creating The Jaguar Path School of Shamanism 

My journey to health and creating The Jaguar Path School of Shamanism.
I was a successful fashion and advertising photographer when I was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer in my kidneys which seemed to be spreading through other organs of my body.
John Hopkins gave me little to no hope, and with a 2 year old son I decided to take things into my own hands. I promised myself and my son that I would travel the world to find healers, saints, miracle workers, and shamans till I found “the one” who could heal me!

In the meantime I was asked if I would like to participate in a study with the National Institute of Health (NIH) I decided that since I was most likely going to die I should at least help humanity by being a part of a study. I had a major surgery at the NIH and gave up my right kidney in January of 2005

Nothing can replace western medicine!

I am alive today first and foremost thanks to western medicine. Nothing can replace Western medicine as it is a result of decades of research, scientific studies on thousands of patients and modern technology which has offered us ways to look into the body and perform surgeries which could not have been possible even 50 years ago. I am grateful to the John Hopkins hospital, to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and all the doctors and nurses who helped me along the way.
And I know it in my heart that if after my surgery I had gone back to the same place I lived, the same job, and the same emotional reality I would only end up with the same diagnosis once again... Cancer in other organs that I had left in my body.
Following my surgery I traveled through Peru where I found not only my healers but also what has turned out to be my true family. When I first asked my beloved teacher don francisco to heal me his answer was swift and essential. "I can not heal you but I can teach you how to be a shaman and perhaps you can heal your self."
I began my apprenticeship, I became the most focused student and absorbed every word and every detail. I experienced and learned more than 20 shamanic tools many of which I now teach in our training.
In one of my shamanic journeys I met the spirit of Jaguar who told me if I wanted to live and if I did not want cancer to return I had to teach everything that I learnt in the Andes and in the Jungles of Peru.
I was instructed to name it the Jaguar Path and make it a 9 month training. A journey to rebirth! The methods I teach are the methods I learnt from the shamans in combination with tools such as the I-Ching, Ayurvedic principles, and tai chi. Everything that I found to be the most profound and that actually made a difference in my life.

Don Francisco invited me to teach this work. My first reaction was "how am I going to teach this?" His answer was "teach it in english" Til today he still supports me and guides me to share the work of the Q'eros along with the neuron science, nutrition and tai chi making this training a holistic approach to healing for modern people!
I am more than proud, lucky and blessed to be teaching with my beloved wife Nina Crist by my side and to follow her lead in the practices of tai chi and the ways of the Tao which we share in the training.
Nothing can empower you like the Jaguar Path shamanic training!

The shamanic work that I learnt and I teach through this training helped me radically change the way I think, the way I process my emotions and the way I interact with others. It has given me tools to help others in moments of distress and support them in ways that are not available in our culture. A shamanic consultations is a way to bring someone to remember their healed state of being, to remember their personal power and their personal connection to the divine!

Ray Crist, Founder of the Jaguar

since 2007

The Jaguar path offers certifications in Shamanic Healing, Jaguar Yoga Teacher and Tai Chi 

  • Shamanic Healing Certification 

  • 200 hour Jaguar Yoga Teacher Certification

  • Tai Chi and Chi Gun Certification 
  • Peru - Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and the Jungle

  • Costa Rica Retreats and Trainings 

  • Greece - The Ancient Temples 

  • Greece - Sailing the Islands
  • British Virgin Islands - Sailing & Yoga 

The Jaguar Path Hope

Our hope is to bring spirituality as an accessible and applicable way of being. Our two-fold mission is, on one hand, to share the essential practices of Yoga by teaching the deeper functions of meridians and body language and on the other hand, through our training in shamanism to create powerful healers while we help sustain and share the ways of the Q'ero and the Shamans of Peru.