Our Mission

Our mission is to share Shamanism, Yoga, and Tai Chi as practices that help us reach an optimal state of being! We honor the ancient teaching and the cultures which these lineages stem from. We each have been steeped in the practices of yoga, shamanism, and martial arts for over 20 years!  We have both been initiated by the elders Don Francisco and Don Sebastian as Alto Mesaiok and Kuraq Q’awaq and have been directly instructed by the elders to share the ways of the Q'ero throughout the world! We are in direct and frequent communication and receive their guidance and support! 

Train in Shamanism | Shaman's Circle
Yoga Tai Chi 6 week series
1:1 Healing | 1:1 Energy coaching

About Ray and Nina 

since 2007

The Jaguar path offers certifications in Shamanic Healing 

  • Shamanic Healing Certification 

  • Peru - Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and the Jungle
  • Costa Rica Retreats and Trainings 

  • Greece - The Ancient Temples 

  • Greece - Sailing the Islands
  • British Virgin Islands - Sailing & Tai Chi

The Jaguar Path Hope

Our hope is to bring spirituality as an accessible and applicable way of being. Our two-fold mission is, on one hand, to share the essential practices of Tai Chi by teaching the deeper functions of meridians and body language and on the other hand, through our training in shamanism to create powerful healers while we help sustain and share the ways of the Q'ero and the Shamans of Peru.