Why we need Indigenous Wisdom now more than ever!

In this time of change we need to once again tap into our connection to Mother Earth and the indigenous ways of the Earth Keepers!  Ray Crist has been initiated by the Q'ero elders as "Alto Mesaioks" and has been working closely with them honoring the lineage and following their guidance. 

"Like the rainbow connects this world to the spirit world, Ray is the bridge that connects the Q'ero ways with the western world"
Don Francisco Chura Flores 

The Jaguar Path offers multiple trainings that will teach you more than 18 Shamanic tools! On a personal level they offer a deep sense of direction, clarity, self confidence and heightened awareness. On a professional level they offer techniques and tools that will empower you to offer shamanic healing sessions with confidence and ease!

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Second degree black belt Nina Crist shares Tai Chi in the mornings as a way to prepare in mind, body and spirit for the learning of the shamanic energy tools!

Alto Mesaiok Ray shares from his heart all the tools that he has learnt through his 16 years of apprenticing with the Andean shamans.
In the afternoons you will learn and practice!

The 3 pillars of the Jaguar Path shamanic work are acceptance, admiration, and affection. Our sharing circle each participant  is heard  and receives empowerment from the community.

To enhance your experience of the Andean shamanic tools in the Jaguar Path training we start our mornings with gentle Tai chi which allows for each participant to come into calm space for nervous system and a heart opening state. These qualities allow both for conscious learning and a clear sensation of energy. Ray says.

"If you can not feel the energy of your own body it will be very
difficult to feel the energy in someone else's body"

After our morning Tai Chi we come into a share circle which ensures that each participants name, voice, and feelings are heard by the tribe as we set the tone of a circle of allies that hold each other in acceptance, admiration and affection. 

The Shamanic techniques and tools unfold in the afternoon. First Ray speaks to the type of issues each tool can address and then proceeds in offering an example of the technique. Each technique is demonstrated analized and is followed by Q&A. Following that students go into breakout rooms and have the opportunity to exchange the tool with a fellow student. The experience of giving and receiving are equally valuable as they allow for the knowledge to become integrated in ones body and consciousness. Receiving the healing creates space within and offering allows for one to feel the newly acquired confidence settle in.   

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    “An extraordinary life-changing workshop! Ray reveals the threads that connect these two ancient healing arts and weaves them in a truly masterful way. ”

  • Jaguar Path

    “The Jaguar Path provided me a safe environment to face my fears and begin the process of opening to the magic I always believed was there but doubted that I had access to. Thanks to this wonderful program I now see the world with new eyes.” ”

    Teacher and Healer

  • Jaguar Path

    “Ray has helped to nurture my Spirit and I became witness to my evolution as a human being while in the Jaguar Path training. My life will never be the same again since meeting Ray. ”

    Founder of Wolf Den Expeditions | Eternal Flame Yoga