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"Flow Summit speakers represent the most important spiritual coaches, guides and teachers our time has to offer!" 

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Welcome to the Jaguar Path School of Life -  Peruvian Shamanism, Yoga, and Tai Chi.

The Jaguar Path offers the world's most comprehensive trainings in energy medicine. Combining ancient wisdom with science makes this work profoundly empowering and immediately applicable to everyday modern life. 

In the past 17 years we have shared our work with more than 20,000 students through the Jaguar Path School as well as world renowned centers such as Kripalu, Ubiquity University, New York Open Center, Yoga Journal Conference, Blue Spirit Costa Rica, Bodhi Tree Yoga resort and more! 

When you join us, you are joining a global community from all walks of life – yoga teachers, body workers, nurses, doctors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, nuclear scientists, construction workers, and more...


Ray and Nina Crist

Ignite Your Yoga

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Yoga is designed to bring you inner peace and outward happiness. Its study offers that through discipline of the body through asana, where one can release trauma (samskaras) and thus change your karma and elevate your life!

In this six-week series, we will study the six essential elements that will support you in stepping into liberation:

Foundations | Breath | Balance | Flow | Focus | Realization

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi,
this series will ignite your Yoga!

May 6th│May 13│May 20│May 27│June 3│June 10
*Meet live on Zoom at 7:30am EST or watch the recordings at your convenience

Jaguar Path

“An extraordinary life-changing workshop!
Ray reveals the threads that connect these two
ancient healing arts and weaves them in a truly masterful way. ”

Author of Shaman, Healer, Sage.

Jaguar Path

“The Jaguar Path provided me a safe environment to face my fears and begin the process of opening to the magic I always believed was there but doubted that I had access to. Thanks to this wonderful program I now see the world with new eyes. ”

Teacher and Healer

Jaguar Path

“Ray has helped to nurture my Spirit and I became witness to my evolution as a human being while in the Jaguar Path training. My life will never be the same again since meeting Ray. ”

Founder of Wolf Den Expeditions | Eternal Flame Yoga

Our Unique Energy Medicine Trainings Offer You

Vitality and Health

Learn Ayurvedic principles and spiritual hygiene practices to bring yourself and your clients back into mind-body balance. 

Energy Enhancement and Awareness

Discover how to feel, read and shift energy to support your clients and offer them accelerate healing.

Tai Chi

Develop a daily movement practice with an introduction to shamanic Tai Chi flows. 

A Discovery of Shamanism

Study, experience and practice in-depth shamanic healing tools that have come directly from the elders of the high Andes.

Healing Activations

Clear out stagnant energy in both the physical and energetic body. Activate your innate healing abilities.

 Personal Expansion and Career Enhancement

Graduates have applied their energy healer certification in both personal and professional settings.

Flow Summit 2022 

"Flow Summit speakers represent the most important spiritual coaches, guides and teachers our time has to offer!" 


Welcome to the online world of Andean Shamanism  

For thousands of years the energy healers have kept these practices alive. Now is the time for you to join us online and together we will shift the collective into a new state of being.

All the training sessions are held live on Zoom, and are also recorded.

Become an Earth Keeper

Ray and Nina are first and foremost Earth Keepers. They share this training by revealing the science behind the magic. Combining ancient healing methods to utilize in today’s modern world, they will teach you to create healing for yourself, your life and those around you. Access your personal power and become an Earth Keeper. 

Directly Connected with
the Q'ero Nation Elders 

We keep true to the lineage and to our teachers who join us in many of our retreats, trainings and online workshops. Join us to upgrade your life in profound ways and merge your energy with thousands of others who are becoming the next generation of modern shamans. 

Tai Chi  Energy Master

Nina is a Tai chi master, having dedicated her life since the age of 17 to the practices of martial arts. With focus on Tai Chi and Chi Gung she will teach you how to feel, move and improve your vital energy and focus. Through practical integration you will learn how to move the energy in a conversation, healing session and any situation.  

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