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  Two Weeks In Costa Rica ~
Yoga and Shamanic Training
March 7 - 21, 2020
At the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 

Bodhi Tree

Nina's New DVD & 

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Iron & Silk: A 60 min Vinyasa Yoga Video

Join Nina Crist in this martial arts infused 60 minute guided yoga practice.  This practice strengthens the flow of energy through your body, cultivates your intuitive knowing, and increases your confidence.  Sharpen your senses, freshen your perspective and enhance your life force.  

Ray's New DVD & 

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Jaguar Flow - A 60 min Vinyasa Video

Jaguar Yoga focuses on the meridians and the energy body. Looking through the Shamanic perspective, each posture is designed to open one or more meridians clearing them out from Samasaras (trauma imprints) allowing for a new flow of energy throughout the body. As electricity flows free through the body’s meridians the luminous field becomes symmetric and expansive, allowing the individual to experience an optimal state of being. In this state one can view the world with clarity and compassion. Walking with an expansive and symmetric luminous field allows us to connect with the synchronistic energy lines of the unified field giving us the opportunity to live a purposeful life. 

Workshops & Retreats Coming Up...

Nosara, Costa Rica

March 7-21, 2020

The Jaguar Path Training in Yoga

and Shamanism. A two week intensive

in Peruvian energy healing and a deep

exploration in Raja Spanda yoga.

Kripalu Honoring

the Feminine

June , 2020

The divine feminine, with Qero

shaman Donna Bernandina, Honoring

mother earth and grandmother moon.  


Kripalu Jaguar Yoga

April 5-10, 2020

Dive into the world of meridians

and understand how yoga postures

balance the endocrine system and

change your view of the world.

Journey to Peru 

AUGUST 1-11, 2020

A unique journey though the

Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu,

Morai, Cusco, Pisac and the

Amazon Jungle.