Awakening the Shaman Within  

Ray and Nina Crist have been initiated by the Q'ero elders as "Alto Mesaioks" and are working closely with them honoring the lineage and following their guidance. 

The Elders Don Francisco, Donna Juanita and Don Wilbert have appointed Ray and Nina as the bridge of the two worlds. 

"Like the rainbow connects this world to the spirit world, Ray is the bridge that connects the Q'ero ways with the western world"
Don Francisco Chura Flores 

In the 9 month training you will learn more than 18 Shamanic tools that empower you to offer shamanic healing sessions. On a personal level it offers a deep sense of direction, clarity, self confidence, and a  heightened awareness.     


"Ray weaves these ancient healing arts in a truly masterful way. This is an extraordinary life changing training!"        ~ Alberto Villoldo PhD

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 Chai Tea & Tai Chi
With Nina Crist Tuesdays at 7:00PM EST 

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Sacred Sundays 
With Ray Crist Sundays at 10:00AM EST  

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