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Healer's Certification Program  

Online One Weekend per
Month (October-June)

Each session 
9:00-11:30AM &

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NEW Jaguar Yoga Membership
Monthly or Yearly

With Ray and Nina Crist
Jaguar Flow Yoga 12:00 pm EST Tuesdays with Ray & Thursdays with Nina

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Tai Chi
Invite the Grace and Flow into YOUR Life!

6 Week Tai Chi Series
Enjoy Practicing 
Live or with the Recordings
with Nina

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The Seven Foundations of Incan Shamanism
Prerecorded Training 

Take each session at your own time! Prerecorded Q&A and supportive handouts! 


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Shamanic Healer Certification Program 

Guests of honor the Q'ero Elders!

I am honored to share with you my teachers who will share the heart of the teachings of the lineage! 

Don Francisco Flores

Hatun Q'ero 
Elder of the lineage

Don Sebastian 

Pampo Mesaiok 
Q'ero elder 

Donna Juanita 

Mamakilia -
Grandmother Moon 

Don Wilbert 

Alto Mesaiok
Scholar of the lineage

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Our Mission

Our mission is to share yoga, shamanism, and martial arts as practices that help us reach an optimal state of being! We honor the ancient teaching and the cultures which these linages stem from. We (Ray and Nina Crist) have been steeped into the practices of yoga, shamanism and martial arts for over 20 years!  We have both been initiated by the elders Don Francisco and Don Sebastian as Alto Mesaioks and Kuraq Q’awaq and have been directly instructed by the elders to share the ways of the Q'ero throughout the world! 

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Medicine Wheel Training

I have been an apprentice of three shamans for more than 15 years! 

Are you ready to let go of anything that is holding you back?

I know my contribution to the world through this training

What are you ready to contribute? 


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