The Temples of Ancient Greece
A  journey by land through the cradle of western civilisation and self-discovery.

Aug 30- Sept 6, 2024 

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Price per person Includes:
Pick-up and drop-off from the Athens Airport, Double Occupancy Room, Breakfast, Land Transportation, and Entry Tickets to all Archeological Sites.

Not Included:
Airfare, Lunch, Dinner ($15-$20), Alcoholic beverages, Add-on Activities

Your hosts Ray and Nina Crist  

Ray and Nina share a heartfelt experience and their deep love for Greece! They will guide you through the beauty of the ancient sites, the majestic landscapes, and bring you to experience the local cuisine that only the Mediterranean climate can offer!

As a native of Greece, Ray provides unique insight into Greek mythology, philosophy, art, and architecture. By passionately sharing the meaningful history of each temple and the sacred site you will visit, he imparts a deep reverence for the mysticism connected to goddesses, gods, and life in ancient times. Nina, now living in Greece, co-leads this retreat offering her extensive background in Tai Chi, ancient wisdom traditions, spirituality, and self-care. Her grounding presence and passion for adventure will be a gift to all who join.


Truly Memorable Experiences

Tai Chi at the Ancient Sites

Nina will offer Tai Chi practice to allow a deep connection to each unique place. The practice of Tai Chi optimizes the healing energy experienced in Greece.


Ray will offer guided meditation and visualization practices to augment the deep medicine of this land. 

Exploring and Shopping  

You will also have plenty of time to enjoy exploring the colorful market of old Athens
and the town of Delphi for gifts and for Greek and European style clothes! 


The Parthenon, Temple of Goddess Athena, sits 450 feet above the city as a symbol of the Golden Era. It bears the architectural signature that established the precise measurements for all classical architecture that followed.



The historical city-state is protected by Goddess Athena. She is the Goddess of wisdom and war and daughter of Zeus, revered by the ancient civilizations of 500 BCE


The Lions Gate, and the walls of Tiryns are examples of the noteworthy architecture found in Mycenae. Greek architecture and urban planning have been significantly influenced by the Mycenaean civilization. The accomplishments of the Mycenaean civilisation in art, architecture, and technology, which inspired European cultures, are also on display at both locations.


Oracle of Delphi 

Delphi, one of the most extensive archeological sites we will visit, is the place where historically, kings and generals came to ask big questions about the fate of their city and people, their health and the future. The summer breeze carries the scent of oregano and thyme while the mountains and oracle itself pulse with powerful energy.



The first capitol of the country, Nafplio's old town is a gem and hence a world destination and a favorite getaway for all Athenians. The old town and the castle create a dream like atmosphere and are ideal for hours of walking the cobble stone narrow roads filled with shops, boutiques, and amazing restaurants.



A powerful site of healing where Hippocrates established his first "hospital" and "retreat center" tending to the patient's holistically: mind, body, and spirit. The stadium was designed for physical practices, the theatre for arts to help heal the mind, and temple of meditation for the soul.  


September 7 - 15, 2024
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