Shamanic Healing Tools

By buying these healing tools you are supporting the Qeros, the Shipibo, Don Sebastian and his family, Ruben Escobar, and his family (Tienda Kolibri).  Above all, you connect directly with the energy of our lineage and you can offer yourself and others impactful and accelerated healing.

Mesa Cloth - Medicine Bundle

Handmade by the Q'ero women of the Sacred Valley


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Cord Cutting Knife

Sheep shearing knife often used by shamans 


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The Shaman's Rattle

Handmade by the Shipibo Tribe of the Amazon


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Chakana-Inti Watana Necklace

The Chakana Cross represents of the Inca Cosmology


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Inti Watana 

In Quechua this translates as the "hitching post to the sun"


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In Quechua this translates as "Bridge" or a type of portal to aligning with your true self.  The Chakana is the Inca Cross and holds deep meaning.


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