Ray Crist and Nina Crist visionary Souls of the Jaguar Path School of shamanic training

Join Ray and Nina the visionary souls behind the Jaguar Path every first Sunday of the month in the shaman's circle to discuss, share, and experience all things shamanic. Our international circle is here to provide a home to those who want to stay in touch with a loving community of healers! 

Every First Sunday of the Month 10:30 am EST

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Come together with Ray and Nina on the first Sunday of each month in the Shaman's Circle. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and immerse yourself in all aspects of shamanic practices. Our global community welcomes everyone seeking connection with a nurturing group of healers!

We've established an online space for like-minded individuals to come together. In the Shaman's Circle, we'll discuss shamanic tools, engage in practical exercises with fellow students, and foster a sharing circle. This is a dedicated time to open our hearts as a community, united with the common purpose of extending healing to the world. It's a place where mutual support thrives among us all.