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Personal energy coaching with Nina Crist

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Seeds of Wisdom with Nina Crist

This is a customized one-on-one program in which you will work closely with Nina in customizing your practices and reaching your goals.

Nina will guide you as an ally step by step in:

  • Understanding Energy: fine tuning its Impact on Leadership
  • Intuitive Leadership: Navigate skillfully with heightened awareness rooted in stillness
  • Instinctive Strategy: Effective, efficient and enthusiastic. Learn tools to support you in making sharp decisions, clear actions, and smooth energy flow
  • Intentional Presence: Standing in your truth as a powerful and graceful leader

Nina's presence, sweetness and badassness has inspired me! I lead from a whole new place on all levels of life! 
Amanda D. 



Three Months of Personal Energy Coaching with Nina Crist


1:1 Consultation

Energy Inventory

Qualities of energy in your life  

Identifying possible energy leaks 


Private instruction & recordings of customized daily energy enhancement practices of tai chi, yoga, and meditation


  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly Energy Healing Sessions

Understanding Energy and Its Impact on Leadership 
with Nina Crist

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