Sailing the Ionian Sea Sept 7 - 14, 2024
$6,400 Per Cabin (1-2 persons)

An Exploration of the Greek Islands

Price Includes: Pick-up / Drop-off  from Airport, Double Occupancy Cabin, Breakfast
Price does not include:  Airfare, lunch, dinner, alcoholic beverages, hotels, ground transportation

Ray and Nina Island

Sail with Ray and Nina 

Sailing the Greek islands and exploring the cuisine is a truly enchanting experience. As you navigate the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian you'll discover that Greek cuisine is a culinary marvel that stands out for its unique flavours, vibrant colours, and wholesome ingredients. This is where we will find Odysseus's home islands Ithaca and explore the turquoise waters of Ithaca, Lefkas, Kefalonia and Zakinthos and more. 

The Blue Zone Cuisine, History, Music, & Culture

If you're considering joining our upcoming sailing retreat, close your eyes and envision the blissful days awaiting you in the Greek Islands with Nina and Ray. Imagine awakening to the gentle sway of the sailing boat anchored in a serene cove with turquoise waters, the sun gracefully ascending from the sea's horizon.

Our mornings commence with coffee or tea and swimming in calm, crystal-clear waters. Surrender to the magic as we sail to the next island, where those intrigued by "learning the ropes" can join Ray in raising sails or navigating the helm, immersing themselves in the art of sailing and those who like to sunbathe can surrender full heartedly to it! 

While sailing to our next destination, relish gourmet Greek brunch, savoring honey, the yogurt, the walnuts and the olives as well as the cheeses and olive oil unique to each island. Enter ancient Greek harbors with whitewashed houses cascading to the water, witnessing the vibrancy of centuries-old ports, bustling with the life of fishermen since ancient times.

Evenings are a feast for the senses as we indulge in delectable fresh, vegetarian-friendly meals, embracing the richness of the Mediterranean diet. All of this unfolds amidst a string of islands surrounding the Peloponnese, steeped in a history spanning 2,500 years.

Picture this—stunning waters, divine sunsets, and the Mediterranean breeze carrying us through the very islands once sailed by Odysseus


Ray Crist, is a licensed captain since 1992 and has since sailed theGreek islands in the Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, and the Ionian. He owned a sailing boat and lead retreats in the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands. As a native Greek he knows all the Greek island ports, secluded coves, swimming sports as well as restaurants and the great places to shop on all the islands. You are in for treat as Ray is a connoisseur of gourmet food, healthy living and will guide you into a deep relaxing experience! 

Nina Crist, is a master Tai Chi teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching martial arts, outdoor adventures, and wilderness survival. Nina is an avid sailor and has explored the Greek Islands and the Virgin Islands. 

ray and nina on the boat

Ray and Nina Crist,

For more than 7 years now Nina and Ray have been leading sailing retreats in the Mediterranean, the Ionian and the Aegean Seas, as well as the Caribbean and Virgin Islands! They share from their heart, and their passion for sailing and life. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates 

Taste the pure ingredients born of a rich in mineral land, showered by the mediterranean sun and salty breeze. 


To ensure your comfort, safety, and to fully enjoy your trip it is essential to have with you a few things you may need and know more about your trip:  


  • The price included pick up and drop off at the airport - how is this handled and scheduled as we may all be coming in from different locations?
    We have a taxi service ONLY from the airport  to the marina  at 11:00 am on the day of departure.
    The day of departure is very busy for us as we prepare the boat for our journey. If you have arrived a day or two earlier please arrange for a cab (NOT INCLUDED) to bring you to MARINA ALIMOS - KALAMAKI - PIER 8 
  • Please verify arrival/departure times.
    You should be arriving at the marina at 1:00 pm on the day of departure. We arrive back at the marina at 5:00pm Friday. Check out time is Saturday at 9:00am (You can stay on the boat Friday night or book a hotel room for that night (not included) )
  • Are there lodging options you would recommend in Athens to use before or after the trip? and AirB&B are two good sources to find places to stay
  • Are you offering the week-long land tour in Athens this year?  If so, is it the week before the sailing tour?
    Working on the dates for that and will let you know as soon as we have the trip online.


  • How much room is there for luggage in each cabin on the boat?  What do you recommend we limit ourselves to?
    Space is limited on the boat! Please use a duffel bag so it is easy to store. 
  • Is there off-boat luggage storage options for those who are planning to extend their vacation beyond the week?
    There is a luggage storage room and we can also leave a couple of suitcases in my car that is in the marina 


  • Please explain the setup - when we will have access and what to expect.
    5 cabins - 3 bathrooms. Two cabins have their own bathrooms and the 3 back cabins share a bathroom. 
  • Are towels provided?  Soap and/or Shampoo, etc.?
    Towels and hand soap are provided. Bring your shampoo or any other cosmetics you like to have.
  • What is the typical flow of the day - will we generally return to the boat to clean up/change for dinner?  Or is it more casual than that?
    Wake up swim sail, arrive at a new island swim, go out to explore, change at night go out to a restaurant. 

Boat Security / General Internet Questions

  • What - if any - are the internet capabilities
    Slow internet on board through my cell phone  and good internet in some ports where we get WiFi from the Cafes 
  • General boat security - is it wise/safe to have computers/passports/phones or other valuables left on the boat during the day?
    Your valuables are your responsibility. We ask you to be mindful of how you store/hide any valuables when we are all off the boat. Generally, boats are safe. In my 40 years of sailing, I have never had someone come on board to steal. 


  • Is there much need for cash?
    Exchange 500  Euros at the airport. Most places accept Visa and Master card (no one accepts  American Express)
  • Is the currency Euros?
  • What is the price of a typical dinner?
    Most dinners cost $10-$20 If there is more wine and drinks that can go up to $40 / per person
  • What customary tipping practices should we be aware of?
    1-5 Euros is considered a very good tip

General Preparation

  • Seasickness - how often does this affect your guests and what do you recommend we bring to prevent/treat it?
    We rarely get people who get seasick Usually, the weather is nice and we do not get waves. We have Peppermint drops and ginger that help. 
  • What is the typical flow of the day regarding structured vs. free time?  Are we all together all day or do we get to an island and explore on our own?
    Think of your time here as a time to relax and enjoy. Most of the time is free time. We offer a 20-minute Tai Chi practice for anyone interested. Most of the time the team is together and there are also opportunities for you to explore on your own, or even choose to have dinner alone... 
  • How long do we typically sail each day?
    3-4 hours with maybe one day of 6 hours (Weather depending) 
  • Do we need to prepare for rain?
    Have a light rain jacket more for sea spray than for rain.
  • How should we plan to dress?
    Mostly casual. Have one dress-up option for a night out to town.
  • Is there access to laundry?
    Some islands have laundry. But you will probably not need it. 
  • Any recommended must haves? i.e. particular shoes, sunscreen, waterproof bags, backpacks, etc?
    Shoes with white soles, sunscreen,  hat, sunglasses