Hear from Graduates of the Jaguar Path School of Healing 

Jaguar Path
Beth Bennett - School Psychologist / Pampo Mesakiok Healer

“I participated in previous Jaguar Path training and find that each time I engage in the training, I experience
greater insight into the teachings of the Jaguar Path, shamanic tools, and deeper knowledge of myself. Most importantly, the Jaguar Path changes my way of being in life. I experience a discernable increase in my energy levels, focus, effectiveness, emotional regulation, and overall level of contentment in life. I find it easier to let go of what does not
serve me. I become more present and available to others.

The Jaguar Path has changed my way of being in life. It has provided me with the knowledge and tools that I need to shift my perception of the world. I find that when I focus on
myself, my desires, and perceived needs, life becomes more difficult, joy and happiness dissipate, and problems appear almost insurmountable at times. When I utilize the shamanic tools that I have learned, my focus shifts to living in service to others and Mother Earth, and I become more content, focused, and effective in the world. It is easier to let go of whatever does not serve me. I am more present, available to others, and better able to fulfill my Dharma in life. This is the reason why I have returned time and again to the Jaguar Path teachings.”

School Psychologist / Pampo Mesakiok Healer

Jaguar Path
Sunny - Healer

“This training has changed my life and opened me up to many different ideas and options that I never even knew existed. I have learned about myself recently and Thank You Both so much for the work that you are doing!! Thank You This Helped me so much with understanding myself and others!! Overall this program introduced me to an innate healing power that we all have and reinforced my beliefs about money, Love, and healing!!! Best Class I've taken so I'll do it again and again!!! I Love you both!!”


Jaguar Path
Aglaia Kindermann - Healer

“Now that the nine months of the training have concluded I feel so much gratitude for Rayand Nina, the other members of the group as well as all the great energy we created. I feel like the training was just the beginning of something that is yet to come. I am so grateful for having learned tools to help myself and others discover themselves and for having had the chance to share views and practice with people on the other side of the world and to become one community. It helps me a lot to know that there are more like-minded people in the world.”


Jaguar Path
Tami Codianne-Miller - Shaman Healer

“A Journey to Connection
I first learned of The Jaguar Path while attending a zoom call organized by Ubiquity University. Upon hearing about the possibility of becoming an Earth Keeper, I was enthralled. As a disenchanted interior designer, my path over the past few years has been increasingly spiritual and nature-oriented. Becoming an Earth Keeper seemed like a beautifully evolving next step in my connection with nature. What I have absorbed as my most meaningful lessons over the past 9 months had mostly to do with energy and the transformation of personal energy. While we made connections with power animals, and earth materials and I felt a true connection to the ritual of opening sacred space, I have to admit, around the 5-month mark, I was longing for more connection with the spirit of the land. By the end of the 9-month certification what I have realized is that each of us will learn from this course what it is we are searching to find. My interpretation of what Ray was searching for was not only healing from cancer but from placing some of the importance of being, upon things that in the end may not matter or may even be harmful to us. We each have a wound to heal. The tools I most connect with to heal my wounds are Tai Chi, I Ching, and Word Deconstruction. ”

Shaman Healer

Jaguar Path
Sheila Baskett - Pampo Mesaiok

“Ray and Nina Crist are masters in their field, and they teach with great heart, passion, and dedication to preserving the traditions and tools of the Q’ero Nation. I love the class structure, which brings a level of intimacy and direct connection. I love that direct access! What a gift that we can ask questions directly of Ray and Nina, and that we can connect directly with the other students. Just as importantly, the Jaguar Path offers that same ability to learn directly from the Pacos themselves, and I have had the privilege of developing personal relationships with our beloved elders, Don Francisco, Dona Juanita, and Don Wilbert. What an amazing opportunity and gift!
Imagine a world where we all showed more gratitude and reverence for all that our great mother, Mother Earth, provides for us every day, in every way.”

Pampo Mesaiok

Jaguar Path
Jack Howard - Healer, and Owner of Tea & Jam

“I chose to take this training because after completing The Four Winds Society’s Energy Medicine Course I realized that my inner healing was not complete and instead of repeating the same material with the same teachers I felt it would be beneficial to receive training from another school with a different perspective. I met Ray and Nina at Deva Premal & Miten’s Gayatri Gathering and made an immediate and strong connection. When I learned they operate a shaman school I knew Spirit made that connection for me. When I discovered the two programs basically came from the same lineage I thought it would be a review of the same tools just from a different teacher, but I've found fundamental differences that are well-suited for me. Without going into detail about the differences, I'll just say the Jaguar Path protocols and methodologies put more control and emphasis in the client's hands, where the healing actually lies. Ray and Nina, I have so much love and gratitude for you both. Your degree of professionalism, attention to detail, and love for your students and each other sets you apart from other teachers I’ve had. You make serious work fun. You make nine months go by very quickly:) I look forward to many more months and years of learning, expanding, and retreating together.
Enjoy BEing”

Healer, and Owner of Tea & Jam

Jaguar Path
Shelley Harman - Pampo Mesaiok Healer, Wellness Coach

“This training has helped me continue to learn how to heal and thrive in mind, body, and spirit and integrate these aspects of myself. Tai Chi has helped me get into the wisdom of the body and the energy body, and align that with source energy. That in turn helps me to help others learn to feel safe and secure in their bodies and work with their energy bodies. The I Ching has helped me to calm and focus my mind giving it a sense of direction. In this way, my mindset can be in greater alignment with the natural flow of things. Lastly, soul retrieval has helped me to reintegrate parts of my spirit that were wounded and regain a greater sense of wholeness and wellness. I am very grateful for the training and guidance I have received so far. I know the ending of this training really marks a new beginning. I am eager to see where the path leads

Pampo Mesaiok Healer, Wellness Coach

Jaguar Path
Judith Andrew - Shamanic Practitioner, Lightways Journey Metaphysical Store

“Surprisingly, the Zoom interactions with Ray and Nina, and the students in the class became really personal. I made some new friendships. I had the confidence and knowledge. the Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Master Class, and the Jaguar Path is 100% complementary and compatible. Love making all the connections!

This 9-month training has opened both my brain (for the new knowledge about the body and
electrical system and how it works) and my heart, for the constant reminder that all this works
when we are heart-centered. I took notes during the sessions, and every time I re-read them, I
realize the depth of both the information and application. I know I will be continuing to grow
and utilize all of this. I know this has to begin with me and then pass it along to my clients.
Thank you for this 9-month program. ”

Shamanic Practitioner, Lightways Journey Metaphysical Store

Jaguar Path
Devi McKenty - Pampo Mesaiok Healer

The training has been supportive as I have been navigating some painful family dynamics over that last 9 months. Being in the training has been invaluable. I was able to recognize that while painful, I was really tackling Karmic patterns. There was only one thing to do and that was to go through the heartbreaking experiences with an open heart in order to move beyond the patterns and conditioning. The opportunity to check in with other Jaguars, to practice, to learn and to feel supported in the group was a huge part of healing. I appreciate the way the scheduling left time for reflection and connection with others. BOth Ray and Nina are very loving and accepting of people. Following my instinct to reach out and schedule a private session with Ray in December, proves to me that I have good intuition, that I can trust myself, that I don’t need to know everything before taking one step. I have been focused on self healing during the training. The training offered me a different way to be while in the midst of ‘crisis’. These tools provided not a healing from the outside but a profound change from the inside that has created the path to health. Now, I feel ready to be present and offer this to others.”

Pampo Mesaiok Healer

Jaguar Path
Nancy Whitman - Licensed Massage Therapist at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Yoga Instructor, Pampo Mesaiok Healer

“I have a deep history with allopathic medicine, having run an Immunology laboratory for 20 years. There are so many takeaways from doing the Jaguar Path twice. I do not want to lose touch with this group of healers and wisdom-seekers! Some of the tools I have implemented in the healing practices I now do routinely. Others I incorporate or practice with at times to begin to develop my own flavor of practice. Many of the Tai chi forms, the jaguar yoga, journeying, and adrenal balancing I add into my yoga classes, with the thought of bringing awareness to energy and the luminous field, and ultimately to one’s own inner ability to walk through life in a healed state. I have much work to do for my own healing and evolution, and I look forward to finding more and more of my voice and heart’s desire through these practices.”

Licensed Massage Therapist at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Yoga Instructor, Pampo Mesaiok Healer

Jaguar Path
Lin Wetherby - Pampo Mesaiok Healer

“I knew this was to become my direction after hearing Ray at Kripalu a few years ago. I have been drawn to the Shaman concepts and practices, the wisdom and the work…the absolute magic…all my life. I have also sat in fear about it all, and I have come to feel free of that now with the Jaguar Path and this past 9 months. Thank You. I hope to gather with you in person soon and continue this journey of the jaguar path. I will pop to continue learning and deepening the connections in this fabulous community of ours that you birthed.
Thank you, so very very much!”

Pampo Mesaiok Healer

Jaguar Path
Linda Allison - Pampo Mesaiok Healer

“Early last November I let the Universe know that I was ready for the next stage
of my journey. A few days later I received an email from Deva and Miten that contained
a link to the Jaguar Path and it strongly resonated with me. I have known that the black
panther was my power animal for years. I have had many inner journeys that featured
shamans across different centuries and varied cultures. I finally knew the significance
and location of the large mountain reaching into the sky that frequently appeared at the
end of my meditations. I wouldn’t say that I chose the training but rather that the
training chose me, allowing me to come more fully into myself and discover more of the
truth of who I truly am. I was susceptible to the crossed-eyed, rolling eyeballs of others
even as I recognized what a precious gift I had been given. Now I wear the shaman-like
an old, comfortable pair of jeans, soft and supple, flowing with me. I stride
unapologetically in the world of being who I am, neither shouting it out nor hiding it,
simply being me and being of service.”

Pampo Mesaiok Healer