Dear Travelers,

For more than a decade the Jaguar Path has lead expeditions, trainings, and retreats to Costa Rica, Greece, Peru, British Virgin Islands and the Berkshires. We strive to offer great experiences around the world. In order to maintain our quality we have a high cost for our hotels, buses, trains, entrance fees, and our staff in each of these countries.

We understand that change happens and unexpected life events may be reason to changing your plans to travel with us. All though we are sad to not have you with us we understand and we are more than happy to refund you. We created a refund policy that allows for us to cover our already paid expenses and also provides for an opportunity for you to have credit towards any other training, retreat or expeditions. (This does not include events at Kripalu)

Refund Policy

$700 non - refundable deposit

Up to 60 days prior to our Journey 100% refund (-$700) Or 100% Credit (-$200) towards any other Journey

Up to 30 days prior to our Journey 50% credit (-$700) towards any training or retreat

We can not provide credit or refunds for events and workshops at Kripalu.