Shamanic Training  

Through this 9-month shamanic training you will learn the healing techniques of the Andean Shamans and evolve on all levels! All sessions begin with a morning Tai Chi practice, to move and feel your energy (Qi) as you prepare for deep healing work. 

In three trimesters you will experience the Inca Trilogy
1st SERPENT-Letting go of the past
2nd JAGUAR-Finding your voice and power of the present
3rd CONDOR-Rising above and taking charge of your future

Tuition $4,800

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Beginning November 2021 ending July 2022 
One weekend per month Saturday & Sunday
9:00-11:30AM & 1:00-4:00PM EST 


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Course Details and Learning Outcomes

In order to enhance your experience of the Andean shamanic tools, during the training we start our mornings with gentle Tai chi which allows for each participant to come into calm, open heart space. The morning practice allow both for conscious learning and an awareness of energy and how it moves in the body. 

"It is important to cultivate awareness of the energy in your body in
 to be able feel the energy in someone else's body"

After our morning Tai Chi we come into a share circle which ensures that each participants name, voice, and feelings are heard by the tribe as we set the tone of a circle of allies that hold each other in acceptance, admiration and affection. 

The Shamanic techniques and tools unfold in the afternoon. First Ray speaks to the type of issues each tool can address and then proceeds in offering an example of the technique. Each technique is demonstrated analized and is followed by Q&A. Following that students go into breakout rooms and have the opportunity to exchange the tool with a fellow student. The experience of giving and receiving are equally valuable as they allow for the knowledge to become integrated in ones body and consciousness. Receiving the healing creates space within and offering allows for one to feel the newly acquired confidence settle in.   

A Unique Training in energy healing and connecting to lineage 

This signature training program is the only one of its kind. The training was initiated by the Q'eros, and is combined with both the expertise of Ray and Nina Crist. Ray has three decades of deep exploration in shamanism, yoga, martial arts, Chinese medicine, Reiki and more. Nina Crist has acquired the title of Young Master after two decades of martial arts monastic discipline and trainings in energy healing, yoga, shamanism, and more. Ray and Nina share their deep wisdom by weaving these ancient healing practices together.   

You will experience and learn how to lead:

  • Balance the energy body
  • Clear out blocked chakras
  • Cord cutting
  • Power animal journeys
  • Soul retrieval 
  • Fire ceremony
  • Ayurvedic principles 
  • Divination
  • Tai Chi practice

Through my apprenticeship with the Paqos I have learned the tools that will accelerate you to the next level! These ways of thinking and acting in the world lead to thriving of the environment, one's personal life, and humanity as a whole. -Ray Crist

Beginning my tai chi practice at the age of 17 shifted my perception of reality and offered me a new way of living in the modern world.  Through the tai chi I will be sharing in the training you will cultivate a heightened sensitivity to feel your own energy and the qualities of energy in others. -Nina Crist

Jaguar Training Dates 2021-22  

Saturdays & Sundays: 9:00-11:30am & 1:00-4:00pm *All times EST 

Session 1 November 20-21, 2021
Session 2 December 18-19, 2021
Session 3 January 15-16, 2022
Session 4 February 19-20, 2022
Session 5 March 19-20, 2022
Session 6 April 23-24, 2022
Session 7 May 21-22, 2022
Session 8 June 18-19, 2022
Session 9 July 9-10, 2022

*Enjoy the Live Zoom sessions or watch the recorded sessions at a time that works for you!

Q&A and practice sessions will be held every 1st Wednesday of the month 6:00-8:00PM EST

Course Content

Foundations of Shamanism

Session 1: November 20-21, 2021

In the first session, you will gain a solid foundation of ancient Incan cosmology, history, and healing practices. You will establish an understanding of how the Paqos view the energy body, and you will learn about the science that supports this work and healing techniques. You will learn how to clear blocked chakras and how to balance the energy body.

Power Animals

Session 2: December 18-19, 2021

In session two, you will deepen your understanding of shamanic journeys and how these journeys can take you into your subconscious to make changes within the deepest places of your operating system. You will study the chakra totem and the power animals of the Inca trilogy; Serpent (body), Jaguar (mind), and Condor (spirit). You will discover your power animal ally and learn to guide others in finding theirs. From here on, you will always walk with your power animal by your side!

Shamanic Journeys

Session 3: January 15-16, 2022

The shaman's power lies within the ability to shift the subconscious mind. In session three, you will explore the profound shamanic journey of a "Soul Retrieval" as you rewire your subconscious. This weekend, you are empowered to heal parts of yourself through Shamanic journey-ing while you also learn how to guide others through this profound healing experience!

Tracking and Seeing

Session 4: February 19-20, 2022

In session four, you will learn the Ayurvedic Principles, referred to as the "Doshas." This new dimension of awareness will allow you to read your client's body language and become more astute to their predisposition. You will learn Ayurvedic self-care practices, receive nutritional tips and guidelines, and learn how to create an altar at home to support you as you establish a balanced and spiritual lifestyle.

Using Passwords

Session 5: March 19-20, 2022

Each person comes with a story and specific words that bind them to that story. In session five, you will learn how to identify these words as "Passwords" while you gain confidence in your ability to replace these words for your clients. By offering new words, you can help clients release emotions such as shame, guilt, pain, as well as inhibitions; help your clients rewrite their stories. Shamans tell us that when we repeat the word of an emotion someone is feeling, we diffuse it. By offering a synonym for that word, we can help them to change their predisposition.

 Dear Advisor - Divination

Session 6: April 23-24, 2022

Session six is all about the sixth sense of insight. We will study how the Paqos read the destiny line using their mesa cloth, pebbles, and coca leaves. In addition, you will discover how to affect the outcome of events through sand paintings. Sand painting is one of the most potent psychological tools of the shaman as it helps to clarify needs and allows you to be a master of your destiny. This weekend you will become the director of your own life and future.

 Energy Mechanisms

Session 7: May 21-22, 2022

In session seven, you will study the mechanisms of energy. According to the shamans, Yachai is the life force that runs through your body and determines how you feel and act! When this energy is blocked, life becomes skewed and difficult. You will learn techniques the Paqos practice to clear three distinct energies (energy worms, intrusive entities, and object extractions). You will learn how to liberate crystalized prana from the energy body, making it once again accessible for everyday life and designing dreams.

Healing Session Protocol

Session 8: June 18-19, 2022

In session eight, we clarify the tools we have learned in sessions 1 through 7 and implement them in a live healing session. You will observe, minute-to-minute, a series of healing sessions led by Ray and Nina so that you feel empowered in offering the most effective healing sessions for yourself or your clients. Give the gift of personal power to anyone facing a psychological or physical issue.

Pampo Mesaiok - Earth Keeper Initiation

Session 9: July 9-10, 2022

Congratulations, Pampo Mesaiok! We will celebrate your graduation for our final weekend with an Aini Despachio and a Pampo Mesaiok initiation. Aini Despachio is in the heart of the Q'ero tradition, a ceremony to thank mother earth, reminding us to live in the state of gratitude! The Pampo Mesaiok initiation is the Earth Keepers rite and allows you to begin a new life!

  • Jaguar Path

    “This journey has brought me closer to my essence - my core and my soul. I know I'm bringing this training with me into my life because it's now who I am.”

    Yoga Instructor

  • Jaguar Path

    “I can't put a price tag on the profound healing that I have experienced through Ray & Nina, and through this program. Years of suffering, recurring nightmares, stuck energy, have all been alleviated. I am left with a deep reverence and fascination for the unlimited possibilities of healing at the level of energy.”

    MEd, Education Consultant

  • Jaguar Path

    “I attended the training and I am using the amazing tools in my own leadership development program with great results!”

    Managing Director, LC Homes

  • Jaguar Path

    “The Jaguar Path Training has given me the ability to engage in life instead of just enduring it!”

    NLRO,SRO, Sr Licensed Instructor