Yoga Radiance

A 6-Week Journey to Emotional Freedom through Yoga
Saturdays at 9:00 am EST
With Ray Crist

Saturdays Beginning January 20, 2024
January 20, 27 - February 3, 17, 24 - March 9, 2024 

If you can't make it live you can watch the recording at your own time!

 6 Week Series

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Boost your Immune System, Find Clarity of Mind 

Join Ray to gain all the gifts this yoga practice has to offer you! 

Yoga, an ancient practice, serves as a profound method for self-healing and self-regulation. Within its profound depths, it has the capacity to heal past traumas and break free from negative patterns that may impede personal progress in life.

Physically, yoga enhances flexibility and agility, enabling you to navigate life's tangible challenges effortlessly. From ascending and descending stairs to entering and exiting a vehicle, even down to tying your shoelaces, daily movements become more accessible. Improved balance and heightened awareness contribute to a safer existence. Moreover, yoga serves as a stress and anxiety reliever, fortifying the immune system and fostering a positive mood. It cultivates overall health, clarifies personal boundaries, and enhances spatial awareness, ultimately making you more adept at every facet of life.


Return to Your Center 

Delving profoundly into your yoga practice enables you to discover your center, serving as the foundation for a life guided by discernment and clarity.

Listen to Your Body

Yoga fosters a more intimate connection with our bodies, nurturing the development of proprioception and an acute awareness of the space around us.

Claim Your Radiance 

Embrace the Journey of Rediscovery and Growth and make it about you for a period of time in which you can find your glow and share it with all whom you love!  

Ray Crist's Yoga DVD. People doing Jaguar Yoga.

Why Jaguar Yoga?

Ray brings a distinctive approach to yoga, guiding you not only to delve deeper into posture teachings but also empowering you to comprehend the underlying mechanisms. His expertise allows for a personalised yoga practice tailored to accommodate each mood and every day. Having shared his insights with over 20,000 individuals, Ray has left an indelible mark through classes at renowned centers such as the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Blue Spirit Costa Rica, Bodhi Tree, Yoga Journal Conference, New York Open Center, and beyond.

Transforming Our Energy Imprints

Shamans tell us that the space we move through is not an empty space, but rather a matrix of energy with varying shapes, direction, and intensity. Einstein called this the “unified field.” As we clear out the meridians from energy imprints, we clear our triggers and reshape our luminous field, so it can expand and find symmetry.
According to shamans, when we walk with an expansive and symmetric luminous field, we have the opportunity to connect with synchronistic energy lines that allow us to walk an accelerated spiritual path and attract what and who we want into our life.
In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali writes, “Yoga is the secession of the fluctuations of the mind.” In order to find the state of a steady mind, the body must be balanced. Triggers must be neutralized and released, so they do not create ripples that will awaken stories in the mind and hormones in the body. A state of imbalance leads to a victim identity and a sense of being disempowered in life; a state of open and balanced meridians and glands leads to self-confidence and clarity about our mission and dharma in the world.
Yoga is a language that retrains the body and the self to see the world anew. Each posture is a letter. Each practice is a statement—or even a prayer—that teaches the body a new language. Practicing yoga allows us to write a new story, lead a new life, and evolve into a more conscious and confident human being.

How Jaguar Yoga Works

To create Jaguar Yoga, Ray drew from the principles of Chinese medicine, shamanism, and classical yoga. Jaguar Yoga is a way of looking at asana and other yoga practices as a technology to clear out past impressions that hold us back in life. Each individual is prescribed a sequence of postures that can open and prepare the body for releasing trauma, including a peak posture that will be the key to liberating the individual from specific imprints.
Each posture is approached as a gateway to healing past stories by clearing the meridians and promoting an expansive and symmetric luminous sphere. The focus is on balancing emotions in order to attain clarity, self-confidence, and a grounded approach to a spiritual life.
Looking through the shaman’s eyes, we can see how specific postures address specific issues and can clear out negative emotions, restoring a healthy and balanced psychology and the self-confidence that is necessary to move in the world with power over the outcome of events, goals, dreams, and our overall destiny. Inviting this shamanic view into yoga practice accelerates healing and empowerment, bringing us into connection with our deepest self and with the divine.