Shamanic Alchemy

Embark on an Enlightening Journey into Peruvian Shamanism 

Learn more about the transformative journey into the heart of Inca shamanism
with Ray and Nina Crist.

In this immersive FREE MASTER CLASS, delve into the depths of ancient wisdom
and emerge with a renewed connection to the mystical realms of shamanism.


February 17, 2024 
10:30 - 11:30am EST  

~Explore the foundations of Inca shamanism, delving into its cosmology and rich traditions.

~Acquire knowledge about Shamanic tools and ceremonies, unlocking their transformative potential.

~Learn details about the Shamanic Alchemy Training which begins March 30-31, 2024 


Join us on a profound journey of self-discovery, unlocking the power
within to heal yourself and cultivate lasting transformation in your life.

Ray and Nina Flowers

Ray and Nina Crist, are the visionary souls behind The Jaguar Path. Their trainings are extraordinary journeys that bridges ancient wisdom and the modern world.

Through their profound insights into shamanism, they unveil a path of enlightenment that resonates in your everyday life. At the core of The Jaguar Path is the revelation of shamanism's profound potential in our contemporary lives. Ray and Nina illuminate the ways shamanic practices can enrich our existence, offering guidance to navigate the complexities of our world with clarity and purpose.

"The most important spiritual coaches,
guides and teachers our time has t
o offer!"

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