Welcoming Winter: Water - Kidneys - North

by Nina Crist

Winter, the season of stillness, is a time when we are invited inward to nourish that which is not yet born. We notice that we are like seeds that have been planted underground where nothing seems to be happening. Just like seeds, we need this time of nourishment to support the next phase of our human nature. You many notice you have less energy or feel more drawn to quiet, introspective actions. For centuries the taoist masters have shared their simple practices of how they adapt to the seasons for optimal living. The season of winter represents the most yin time of year and is associated with the kidneys.  

The kidneys hold a keen sense of awareness which is heightened during this darker season. Lean into this increased sensitivity and move forward with a calm, yet cautious presence. Embrace the invitation and rejoice in this phase where time feels suspended and space expands. Offer yourself more time for rest, reading, writing, making tea, and lingering by the toasty fire. Winter is the season of stillness.

Gentle Practice to Support you During the Winter Months

Face the North, the direction that represents the ancestors and the source of ancient wisdom.  Inhale all the way into the bottom of your feet and connect with the deep stillness of the earth. Feel this stillness mirrored within yourself. Once you feel your energy shift into a deeper calm, begin to inhale your arms up over your head and as you exhale allow your arms to sweep back down by your side. Play with the angles as the arms float up and down. You can have them float in front, to the side, or anywhere in between. Relax and feel your breath harmonize with this slow and fluid movement.

Feel time suspended and an infinite spaciousness within your entire being. Now see if you can lengthen each breath just a little longer than the last. Notice what shifts for you.


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