Autumn: Come into stillness

by Nina Crist

Autumn - Element Metal - Color White - Organ Lung

As we welcome the beautiful autumn season, the invitation is to come into stillness to feel what is true for your inner landscape.  Notice if you are feeling the shift from the strong yang energy of summer to the returning soft yin energy as we shift into fall.  This inward yin energy can be experienced as heavy energy often expressed or felt as sadness. The skin and hair may begin to feel more dry, and you may notice that you have more mucus than usual.  So if your nose is runny… tis the season! 

Autumn’s inward moving energy loves the nurturing effect of the color white. White foods that are naturally growing during this time include radishes, mushrooms, garlic, onions, cauliflower, rice and all of these support the lungs and large intestines. Garlic and onion are warming and fantastic to support you in preventing the common cold by supporting the lungs. Radishes and turnips are cooling in nature and support the clearing of heat and mucus in the large intestine. Cauliflower has a neutral temperature and is filled with nutrients and fiber to support healthy lung function and smooth bowel movement.

Since the lungs represent the respiratory system of the body, the way you respond to the energy exchange with the external world is going to be influenced by the breathing function and the subtle energy of your mind and spirit. Calm breathing exercises will support both your immune system and offer you a pre-disposition of clarity.

Here is a simple practice to connect with your breath and body to tonify and support your lung and large intestine meridian:

  • Begin with feet under you as you feel them root down and connect with the grounding, supportive energy of the earth. 
  • Now imagine a silk thread gently lifting the crown of your head up towards the heavens.
  • As you stand in alignment between earth and the heavens begin to allow your breath to flow in and out with ease as you sense the texture of each passing inhalation and exhalation.  Feel your energy body return to the origin of the universe, let go of any previous emotions or thoughts.
  • Draw in a full deep cleansing breath and exhale with an audible sigh.
  • On your next inhalation allow your arms to gently float up as you step your left foot past shoulder width, as you exhale allow your arms to sink down below your waist.
  • Continue to breath your arms out and up on the inhale, and back towards your chest and down the torso on the exhalation for 9 slow and steady “rolls”.
  • At the bottom of the ninth exhalation, inhale to reverse the direction as you inhale hands face the body as they float up and exhale the hands out and down the front of the torso for 9 repetitions.
  • At the bottom of your ninth breath allow your arms to relax by your side as you soften or close your eyes, bring your attention within to feel the internal movement as you come into physical stillness.
  • Notice the rhythm of your thoughts, breath, heart beat, and the flow of your energy as it moves through your body.
  • Take a deep cleansing breath after a few moments of stillness and inhale hands to your heart space as you bow your head to heart to complete your practice


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