Baked Apples with Walnuts & Ginger Honey: A Dessert to Nourish and Support Your Health During Autumn

by Nina Crist

If you’ve noticed that your skin is becoming dry, your feeling constipated, or experiencing nose bleeds, you may need to give this dessert a try!  When the lung function is poor these common symptoms are your body's way of letting you know.  Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends an apple a day to maintain good lung health, especially during the autumn months as mentioned in last month's article. 

What makes the ingredients apples, walnuts, ginger, cinnamon and honey so special?

Apples nourish yin and clear heat. In TCM, we know that apples offer excellent support to the lungs and stomach while providing a good source of fiber. 

Not only do apples balance lung function, nourish skin, and clear toxins from the liver, they also balance the intestines and stop diarrhea. 

Walnuts are nourishing, as they tonify qi, yang and jing and they’re great for lung health to boot! 

Honey’s main job is to moisten the lungs and it’s great for soothing a cough. If you like a little sweetness, then you will really appreciate how the honey’s sweetness actually amplifies the tonifying effects of other foods and herbs. So get ready for your taste buds, and spirit to soar as this dessert tonifies your qiyangjing and yin. The ingredients that really bring it out of this world are the combination of cinnamon and ginger, clear up phlegm, while stimulating the chi to bring balance and good health!


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I’m not clear on this recipe. Do you put the halved apples into the ginger water?

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