The Seven Foundations of Incan Shamanism 

Seven Foundations of Incan Shamanism

This is a training in which you will learn shamanic tools coming directly from the lineage of the Q'eros.  The Q'eros are direct descendants of the Incan Shamans and have preserved this knowledge for more than 600 years.  Ray has apprenticed with the elders Don Sebastian and Don Francisco, both renowned shamans throughout the world. Ray has received the highest initiation of Kuraq Q'awaq, which translates as visionary, and has been asked by the elders to share this knowledge with the world.

The Seven Foundations Online Training in Incan Shamanism Includes:

  • Eight hour long pre-recorded sessions with Ray Crist.
  • Receive your first session upon registration and gain access to the following each Wednesday.
  • Each session is complete with an exercise to practice the tool shared along with supporting handouts for your reference.

  • Join Ray Crist live the first Wednesday of the month for an in depth Q&A Zoom session.

Sessions Include:
1. Our Lineage & Energy Mechanisms
2. Chakana - The Incan Cross
3. Opening Sacred Space
4. Cord Cutting
5. The Shaman's Rattle
6. The Crystal Palace
7. Power Animals
8. Bonus Session

The online course offers a deep study into the ancient practices of the shamans with a scientific and historical understanding of how to apply these teachings in today's reality.

It will provide you the foundation of the Inca cosmology and four shamanic tools that will empower you to offer a shamanic healing session with confidence and ease.

  • Jaguar Path

    “I am blown away by how much this course has changed my view of life and my whole reality. Thank you!”

  • Jaguar Path

    “This has been a truly life changing experience. Thank you from my heart”

  • Jaguar Path

    The vision so dynamically presented
    unifies us with the universe, returning
    us to wholeness outwardly and inwardly.”

  • Jaguar Path

    “This is a transformational experience, it lead me to discover that there are no obstacles and that spiritual growth and healing does not have to be a long or arduous process.”