The Seven Foundations

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Shamanic Energy Medicine 
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The Jaguar Path Online Program offers you an in-depth training in shamanic energy medicine and skills that will empower you to offer impactful healing sessions. You will come to a clear understanding of the ancient healing technologies through modern science, and you will have the knowledge and confidence to offer fire ceremonies, shamanic journeys and holistic healing sessions to your clients.

The content of this online training,is designed to empower you with a solid foundation on the ways of the Incas - their practices as well as healing techniques - which you will be able to apply in healing sessions, and a new way of viewing the world as well as bringing ceremony to your everyday life, and walking in a healed state of being.

The 7 Foundations Online Program will offer you the skills and understanding of shamanic tools that you can use to offer healing sessions. You can learn any time anywhere through your computer at your own time! 

The Seven Foundations Online Curriculum

About the Online Training 

The Shamanic Trilogy
 1st Chakra Initiation   

Serpent - Shed your Past

In our first online session, we will lay down a strong foundation of how the Incan Shamans viewed the world and how they developed their tools! You will learn about the Incan trilogy and how it describes the three perceptual states we experience life through. The trilogy is the basis of our work as it describes the Incan cosmology and the essence of most of the Peruvian shamanic work.  


The Inca Cross 
 2nd Chakra Initiation
Jaguar - Walk with No Fear!

In our second online session, we will study the Chakana - the Inca Cross - and learn about the Incan cosmology. What it symbolizes and how it maps out the whole universe as well as our reality.  By reestablishing balance you will be able to see with clarity in a new way in life. This new consciousness of reality will activate your second chakra and your relationship to work, money, and will empower you to find a balance between the spiritual and the material world.

Rattle and Pendulum 
 3rd Chakra Initiation
Hummingbird - Your Full Power & Sweetness

In our third online session, we will learn how shamans and yogis find their personal power and cultivate sweetness. Discipline is the essential way to build personal power and sweetness the most efficient way of moving in the world. Here you will learn what rattles are made of and how they can be used as shamanic tools. You will learn how to balance the energy body by offering a 7 Chakra Rainbow Body. You will recharge and illuminate your energy field, restoring balance and allowing you to see with clarity and discernment.

Mesa - The Shamans Medicine 
 4th Chakra Initiation
Condor - Walking as Love and Light  

In our fourth online session, we will learn about the "Mesa" and what it means to be Mesa carrier/shaman. You will learn about your sacred objects ( feather, rattle, pendulum, crystal, etc.)  Becoming a mesa carrier initiates you literally into the shamans heart. Here we will learn about HRV ( Heart Rate Variability), what science says and what shamans tell us about listening to our heart and using it as way to truly see both in our every day life as well as in sessions with your clients.  As we come to the place of an open heart, we arrive into a higher state of coherence. 

Opening Sacred Space  
 5th Chakra Initiation
Elephant - Walking on Sacred Space

In our fifth online session, we will learn to view Mother Earth as a living being that we depend on and also needs our love and respect. You will learn how to open Sacred Space and how to walk with your power animals and become an earth keeper! This is a profound session as the shift of consciousness is deep and changes our way of seeing Mother Earth, trees, plants, and all our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom!  

Shamanic Journeys 
6th Chakra Initiation
Owl - Seeing Through the Dark  

In our sixth online session you will learn how to lead a shamanic journey of finding a power animal. You and your clients will have an ally to be empowered by and walk in a new way in life! You will also learn how to smooth out the energy body with smudging and feathering. When our client has a smooth energy field the sense of worry and anxiety soften allowing for peace and calm. In this session, you will receive practices that will help you to learn how to SEE energy and how to be open to information your client is offering you unconsciously. 

Fire Ceremony 
 7th Chakra Initiation
Orca - Shaman's Initiation    

In our seventh online session, you will learn how to lead a fire ceremony to let go of past contracts that hold you back. You can create a gathering and offer a fire ceremony during summer solstice or new or full moon. You will bring together all the tools that you have learned and incorporate them into a shamanic gathering or a healing session. This will enable you to offer healing sessions with the tools you have acquired with confidence and ease. 


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