The Seven Foundations

Change old patterns.

Step into life and love.

At the Seven Foundations sessions, 

you will gain a clear and grounded understanding of the Inca cosmology and the foundations of Peruvian shamanic healing practices. The content is designed to offer you a solid foundation on the ways of the Incas—their practices as well as healing techniques—all which you will be able to apply in your everyday life as a way of viewing the world, as ceremony, and through walking in a healed state of being.

Seven Foundation 


September 28-29, 2019 

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The Seven Foundations Curriculum

The Incan Trilogy  
Muladhara Chakra  – Serpent


Shedding your skin – In our first foundation, we will learn about the Incan trilogy and how it describes the three perceptual states we experience life through. The trilogy is the foundational connection the Jaguar Path Training explores between yoga and shamanism. Incan shamanism is built on a totem of the three power animals: Serpent – Jaguar – Condor.  We will study the parallel to the three perceptual states of yoga ,which are the Body – Mind – Spirit.

Chakana – The Incan Cross
Svadhisthasan Chakra – Jaguar 


Walking with no fear– In this workshop, we will study :the Inca Cross and learn the Incan cosmology; what they symbolize; and how the cross maps out the whole of our world as well as the greater reality!  We will learn an important shamanic tool of balancing out the energy body. The seven chakra clearing  “Rainbow Body”  will recharge and illuminate your energy field allowing you to see and be seen in a new way in life. By establishing a new consciousness of our reality, we will renew the energy of our second chakra and our relationship to work and money, as well as find our balance between the spiritual and the material world.

Incan Rattle and Pendulum   
Manipura Chakra – Hummingbird 


Stepping into personal power– Shamans and yogis trust their gut feeling and find self-confidence from within. The solar plexus is the center of our emotions; therefore, as we remove past stories and trauma through our shamanic journey, we clear out old patterns of emotions we had as children. We bring into our third chakra the power of the hummingbird and move in life knowing that we can find sweet nectar and that we have the power to sustain us in long journeys exactly like the hummingbirds do when the migrate from the US across the Gulf to Mexico.

Incan Mesa – The Shamans Altar 
 Anahata Chakra – Condor 


Walking open as love and light– The heart is the central Wi-Fi of the luminous field. The heart beat (HRV) plays the most important role in how our immune system functions in relation to how we are perceived as we move in the everyday world. As we learn to feel our heart and control our heartbeat, we can come to a place that is called a state of coherence. In this state, we are emanating a symmetrical and expansive luminous field which allows us to ride synchronistic energy lines, perceive the world as it is, and be seen as trustworthy and dependable.

Opening Sacred Space 
Vishudha Chakra – Elephant 


The earth is a sacred space– Our mother earth is a living being that we depend on. In this foundation, you will learn how to open sacred space and begin to walk in a new world where you can receive help from allies. You will be given tools to work with emotions, trouble at work, difficulties in a relationship, feelings such as guilt or shame, and decipher what is true and real. This is the center that is governed by the thyroid and parathyroid glands: the fifth chakra is the center of metabolism and of logos. When we have a balanced fifth chakra, we can not only metabolize the foods that we eat well, but also the events of life. We are more capable of integrating and assimilating life’s lessons and we are also in a better place of speaking about life and how we feel. When balance within, we become aligned with truth. We make our emotions known and have the capacity not only to speak up, but also to be clear and understood.

Feathers of Freedom 
Ajna Chakra – Owl 


The wisdom to see energy– In this session we will learn how feathers can assist us in shifting and clearing our energy.  In this part of our foundations series you will pair up with fellow students and practice rattling, feathering and seeing energy. You will learn to pick up information from the luminous field of your “client.”  We will begin to see energy and know how to access information so to be in a place that you can offer essential help. 

Shaman’s Initiation 
Sahasara Chakra – Orca 


Shaman's Initiation– In this session, we will bring together all of the tools you have learned so far and incorporate them in a session. You will use your pendulum, rattle, feather, and crystal to offer a mini session as we pair up to offer healing and to empower each other! You will receive your first shaman’s initiation: the opening of the seventh chakra. Opening the seventh chakra allows you to dream in a new way and to live and die in a new way. As you connect with your spirit self, you receive new coordinates and change your destiny lines. You walk as a healer of the earth and offer your service to those in need.


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