Sailing Sept 7-14, 2024

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greece nina on the boat

Sailing Sept 7-14, 2024

Greek Sailing Retreat: Sailing the Ionian Sea
Sept 7 - 14, 2024

⛵️ Our mornings commence with coffee or tea and swimming in calm, crystal-clear waters. Surrender to the magic as we sail to the next island, where those intrigued by "learning the ropes" can join Ray in raising sails or navigating the helm, immersing themselves in the art of sailing and those who like to sunbathe can surrender full heartedly to it! 

⛵️ While sailing to our next destination, relish gourmet Greek brunch, savoring honey, the yogurt, the walnuts and the olives as well as the cheeses and olive oil unique to each island. Enter ancient Greek harbors with whitewashed houses cascading to the water, witnessing the vibrancy of centuries-old ports, bustling with the life of fishermen since ancient times.

⛵️ Evenings are a feast for the senses as we indulge in delectable fresh, vegetarian-friendly meals, embracing the richness of the Mediterranean diet. All of this unfolds amidst a string of islands surrounding the Peloponnese, steeped in a history spanning 2,500 years.

Price Includes: Pick-up / Drop-off  from Airport, Double Occupancy Cabin, Breakfast
Price does not include:  Airfare, lunch, dinner, alcoholic beverages, hotels, ground transportation

Total due $5,900

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