Yoga Radiance - 6 week series

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Yoga Radiance - 6 week series

Join Ray to gain all the gifts this yoga practice has to offer you! 
January 20, 27 - February 3, 17, 24 - March 9, 2024 

Yoga, an ancient practice, serves as a profound method for self-healing and self-regulation. Within its profound depths, it has the capacity to heal past traumas and break free from negative patterns that may impede personal progress in life.

Physically, yoga enhances flexibility and agility, enabling you to navigate life's tangible challenges effortlessly. From ascending and descending stairs to entering and exiting a vehicle, even down to tying your shoelaces, daily movements become more accessible. Improved balance and heightened awareness contribute to a safer existence. Moreover, yoga serves as a stress and anxiety reliever, fortifying the immune system and fostering a positive mood
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