The Eight Treasures

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The Eight Treasures Part One (1 - 4)

A beautiful compliment to The Eight Treasures 5 - 8. In this 6-week on demand series, Nina guides you through the first four treasures.


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Organ Cleanse Guided Meditation



Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation

An audio meditation for deep relaxation and accelerated healing


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The Eight Treasures

The Eight Treasures with Nina Crist


Divine Skeletal Alignment + Energy Body Balance

In this pre-recorded, 6-session series, you will explore treasures five through eight.

Each posture offers both physical and energetic support to your mind, body and soul. The entire sequence has deep and long lasting effects in supporting a healthy flow of chi throughout your entire being.

Treasure 5: Swaying the Spinal Column to Take Away Heart Fire

Supports digestion and elimination

Treasure 6: Raising the Heels to Remove Physical and Mental Weakness

Offers support to your cerebral/spinal system, and abdominal viscera

Treasure 7: Tightening the Tendons to Reinforce Yourself

Benefits your tendo-muscular and nervous system

Treasure 8: Grabbing the Ankles to Strengthen Your Vital Force

Benefits the endocrine, cerebral/spinal, digestion and elimination systems. Supports bones and tendons

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