24 Move Tai Chi Form

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24 Move Yang Style Tai Chi

24 Move Tai Chi Form

24 Yang Style Tai Chi Form - 6 Week Series

Connect with the ancient wisdom of Tai Chi with Nina Crist for the first 6-week series of 2021!  Nina will share the traditional sequence of postures from the 24 move yang style Tai Chi form. Nina's kind and clear guidance and instruction offer practitioners of all levels an opportunity to learn this sequence that contains the entirety of the Tai Chi practice. This gentle, and continuous flow of movement with breath will cleanse and circulate the body's vital energy for increased health and wellbeing.

In this series, you will learn moves including:

"Parting the Wild Horse's Mane"

"White Bird Spreads its Wings"

"Grasping the Peacock's Tail" 

Connect with the ancient and sacred practice of Tai Chi

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