The Q'ero Shamans

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The Shaman's Rattle

During this 6 Week Shamanic Series you will learn how to use the shaman's rattle.

Order yours today to have it mailed to you in time for the fourth session on the shaman's rattle!


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The Q'ero Shamans

The Q'ero Nations People are the direct descendants of the Incas. When the Conquistadors arrived in the Sacred Valley the Q'eros took up to the higher grounds and established their villages at 16-18,000Ft There they preserved their language, their culture, and the magic of their healers. As the Q'eros returned to the Sacred Valley in the late 60's they share with all of us in the modern world their ways of being. 

These teachings are profound and absolutely applicable in everyday life. See how you can know more about yourself, your life and how you can engage in a whole new way in order to access your optimal state of being and YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE! 

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