Vinyasa Inspired Digital Downloads

Jaguar Flow Vinyasa Yoga

 60 minute Yoga Class with Ray Crist

Jaguar Yoga focuses on the meridians and the energy body. Looking through the Shamanic perspective, each posture is designed to open one or more meridians clearing them out from Samasaras (trauma imprints) allowing for a new flow of energy throughout the body. As electricity flows free through the body’s meridians the luminous field becomes symmetric and expansive, allowing the individual to experience an optimal state of being.

In this state, one can view the world with clarity and compassion. Walking with an expansive and symmetric luminous field allows us to connect with the synchronistic energy lines of the unified field giving us the opportunity to live a purposeful life. 

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Iron & Silk: Balancing Power and Grace

60 minute Vinyasa Flow with Nina Crist

Join Nina Crist in this martial arts-infused 60 minutes guided yoga practice.  This practice strengthens the flow of energy through your body, cultivates your intuitive knowing, and increases your confidence.  From eagle mudra to tree pose, feel how nature has inspired the evolution of movement in this unique fusion of yoga and martial arts. Sharpen your senses, freshen your perspective and enhance your life force.

Nina Crist is a black belt martial artist with more than 20 years of experience.  Her deep knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung shines through her teachings.  Her dedicated years of practice show up in her yoga as she shares the essence of movement, breathing and being.

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