The British Virgin Islands, part of a volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean, is a British overseas territory. Comprising 4 main islands and many smaller ones, it's known for its reef-lined beaches and as a yachting destination. The largest island, Tortola, is home to the capital, Road Town, and rainforest-filled Sage Mountain National Park. On Virgin Gorda island is the Baths, a labyrinth of beachside boulders.

January 18-25, 2020

Sailing the British Virgin Islands 


March 7-21, 2020

Shamans Intensive - Costa Rica

At The Jaguar Path 14-day intensive training, you will learn more than 12 shamanic tools which will accelerate your spiritual growth and increase your personal power. You will learn how to clear chakras from previous trauma and how to balance the energy body. You will learn how to heal others through a shamanic healing session and how to navigate your life in a whole new way! 

March 29 - April 3, 2020

Kripalu Outdoors: Hiking and Yoga

Ray and Nina invite you to their part of the woods! Explore the trails and forests of the Berkshires and experience a deeper connection to the earth, and yourself, in Kripalu’s most popular outdoor program. Along the summits of the protected Yokun Ridge trail system just outside our front door, discover why the area’s natural beauty—combined with the proven health benefits of outdoor activity—have drawn visitors here since the mid-19th century.

April 5-10, 2020

Jaguar Yoga Training

This training is part of the Kripalu 1000 hour certification and offers 25 CE Yoga Alliance Credits.


We will explore the depth of postures with focus on the meridians, and the energy body. You will learn sequencing and cues that will deepen your yoga practice, knowledge and will assist you to delivering extraordinary yoga classes.  


Iron & Silk

May 1-3, 2020

Join Nina Crist in this martial arts infused yoga workshop. This practice strengthens the flow of energy through your body, cultivates your intuitive knowing, and increases your confidence. Sharpen your senses, freshen your perspective and enhance your life force.  Master Nina Crist is a black belt martial artist with more than 20 years of experience.  Her deep knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung shines through her teachings.  Her dedicated years of practice show up in her yoga as she shares the essence of movement, breathing and being.  She is a teacher and presenter at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and Co-director of the Jaguar Path School of Yoga and Shamanism.  She offers workshops, trainings and retreats throughout the world.

February 20 - March 6, 2021

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

Through our 21-day Yoga Teacher Training, you will acquire your certification in Shamanic healing as well as a 200hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification. Jaguar Path yoga focuses on meridians, emotions and the motor system as well as the energy body. With a deeper understanding of body language, we create Yoga instructors who teach with confidence, utilizing the language of Yoga, anatomical and energetic adjustments, and a deep understanding of the practice allows for their students to experience a shift in their perception of the world.