What is Jaguar Yoga?

Jaguar yoga is a vinyasa practice with focuses on breath, meridians, emotions and the energy body. With a deeper understanding of the meridians we can "see" the shift our practice creates to the subtle body. Through jaguar Yoga we clear out trauma from the meridians. This allows us to find a balanced conversation between body, mind and spirit!  Thus we create an expansive and symmetric luminous field which in turn allows us to move through the synchronistic energy lines of the unified field! 

Jaguar Yoga brings you to the optimal state of being so you can engage fully
with tasks and play at hand and live an extraordinary life!

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the most ancient form of medicine in our history of our species. The word “Shaman” comes form the Tungusic language and means “knower”.

Shamanism has been and still is present around the world. Each region has its own tools, healing techniques and its “own magic” In Europe the were called Druids, in Africa Zullu, in Australia Aboriginal, in Central and South America they come with the names Nagual, Curanderos, Bruho, Ayuhaskero and more.

Shamanism is the innate ability and power that we all have to care and to heal others! 

Why Yoga & Shamanism? 

The Jaguar Path is the only school that offers a yoga & shamanism side-by-side training program. This is because we acknowledge and honor that yoga and shamanism are the oldest cosmology studies. They are in essence the first sciences to examine everything from physiology and astrology to our planet's environment and the very essence of human behavior. They both aim to bring a clear flow of energy to the body, a balanced emotional world, and a clarity of mind. Practiced together they can offer an optimal state of being and an extraordinary life! It is our mission to bring our students on a journey within themselves to this place, and pairing yoga & shamanism is a powerful way to move forward.