Join Ray Crist, Founder of the Jaguar Path for this NEW offering

Awaken your Optimal State of Being
with the Ancient Wisdom of the Shamans

6 Week Shamanic Series

Every Wednesday 7-8pm EST beginning Sept. 2nd via Zoom
Join us LIVE or watch the recordings on your own time

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Transform in 6 Weeks 

Each week you can look forward to experiencing a guided journey followed by teachings to activate the shaman within:

Week 1 - Introduction to Shamanism

Week 2 - The Luminous Body

Week 3 - Cord Cutting

Week 4 - The Shaman's Rattle

Week 5 - Mesa Carriers of Peru

Week 6 - Dispacio/Gratitude Ceremony


Are you Called to Activate Your Inner Wisdom?

Join us for this 6-week journey through Peruvian Shamanism to inform and support you in your everyday life as you move towards your optimal state of being.  These profound tools have an immediate and tangible effect in empowering you and activating your inner shaman.

This series is right for you if any of the below resonate with you:

  • Curious about directly experiencing the power of shamanism
  • Seeking freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Looking to deepen your meditation, yoga, martial arts, or energy practice
  • A teacher or healer looking to expand your offerings
  • Interested in connecting with like-minded others
  • Interested in the upcoming Jaguar Yoga & Shamanic Healer Certification Program

During this 6-week series, you will:

  • Connect to your true nature, your deepest self
  • Receive healing through directly experiencing shamanic journeys and through practice
  • Connect with others in a sacred circle under the guidance of a master facilitator
  • Learn how to clear out the energy body and balance the chakra system
  • Learn how to cut cords and release previous relationships that are holding you back
  • Learn about the traditional medicine bundle of the Incan Shamans
  • Participate in a gratitude ceremony, calling forth abundance in your life

Ray Crist   
Your Guide & Founder of The Jaguar Path

Ray has spent the last three decades immersed in yoga and has traveled extensively through Peru and Mexico in search of indigenous healers. An apprentice of three shamans from lineages as old as the Inca civilization and the Amazon jungle shamans, Ray has received multiple initiations from his teachers including that of a Q’ero Elder, with a directive to share the Q'ero teachings globally as a planetary representative of the tribe. Ray’s background also includes Chinese medicine, martial arts, and Reiki, and he has been offering workshops and trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and around the globe for over 15 years. Ray’s offerings focus on how to use shamanic tools and yoga to live a balanced and empowered life. He founded the Jaguar Path as a home base for his life’s work.