The Shaman's View : A Free Live Series

Begins October 1, 2022

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 The Shaman's View : A Free Live Series

Begins October 1, 2022

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The Shaman's View

Ray and Nina Crist have ventured from the high Andes mountains into the deep Amazonian jungle of Peru in search of shamans. They are apprentices of world-renowned shamans and have been appointed by the elders as the bridge between this ancient way of being and the modern world. Listen in as they share from their hearts the ways in which their lives were transformed by these ancient teachings and words of wisdom from their teachers.

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Quantum Physics the Shamans Realm

October 1 at 9am EST

We are biochemical and electrical beings. In this segment, Ray and Nina illuminate a few of the ways that we, as healers, can work with energy through the principles of Tai Chi. By understanding how electricity moves through our bodies, we can cultivate practices to redirect energy so that where there is stagnation, we create greater flow and where there is excess, we slow the energy down. These tools are the mechanisms behind the magic of shamanic work and offer insight into ways to cultivate and sustain your energy through a regular Tai Chi practice.

Ignite Your Wild : Discover your Power Animal

October 2 at 9am EST

In this segment, Ray speaks to how a shamanic journey can connect us to the part of our inner self that is both more wild and more free. During an imaginative journey into nature, an individual meets an animal that offers wise words applicable to everyday life. In addition to personal healing, Ray regards this inner work, which he refers to as igniting your wild, as foundational for becoming an Earthkeeper, the term used for “healer” in the Q’ero tradition. Instead of dwelling on our disappointment with societal and governmental entities, Ray encourages us to instead source our own compassion, energy and excitement to do the work that is needed to help repair the damage that we have done to the earth and its inhabitants.

From Saint Francis to Don Francisco

October 8 at 9am EST

In modern society, we live an increasingly secular existence. From recovering Catholics or atheists to scientists and skeptics, we are losing or have lost touch with what it means to live a spiritual life in the presence of divine energy. This may, at times, leave us feeling alone, afraid or disconnected from our purpose. Shamanic wisdom says that we need to connect with a spiritual ally in the form of a saint, God, or Goddess to help us open our hearts and live life from a place of great Love. In this segment, Ray will recount his story of how his ally, Saint Francis of Assisi, led him to his beloved teacher, Don Francisco, a Q’ero shaman of Peru.

Tai Chi Taoist Shamanism

November 2 at 7pm EST

The Taoist sages of ancient China are the creators of acupuncture and martial arts. In this segment, Ray and Nina will introduce the 12 energetic channels of the body, known as meridians, and how they correlate with the emotions that govern our life. They will demonstrate two simple Tai Chi practices: Shake Down the Tree and Prop Heaven to Clear the Mind to reset your energy and return to your center almost anywhere at any time you need it.

Jaguar Path, Energy Medicine Revealed

November 5 at 9am EST

The Q'eros people of the Andes are direct descendants of the Inca Shamans and have preserved their indigenous healing practices for more than 1,000 years. Ray had the great privilege of apprenticing with two world-renowned Q’ero shamans, Don Sebastian Paucar Flores and Don Francisco Apaza Flores. Over countless trips to Peru to spend time in the presence of these and other elders, Ray directly received three levels of initiation and was asked to share this knowledge with the world. As “the bridge”, Ray offers these teachings with the continued blessing, support, and encouragement of the Q’eros.

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