What is Shamanism?

August 8, 2015





Shamans are individuals within a tribe, village or region who assist people in their community with matters of health, may that be physical, psychological or pertain to the larger questions of life. Shamans have been called and played the role of storytellers, wise men/women, psychics, seers, herbalists, mediums, consultants and more.

The word “shaman” originates from the Siberian Tungusic language. Its literal meaning is “knower.” They are also referred to as “Seers”. What Shamans “know” and “see’ is the world as energy. They are referred to as men and women with “enhanced” perception. In other words, they are aware and able to perceive a wider range of frequencies than our common sense has us believe. Shamans are the healers of tribes and villages deep in the jungles, high up in mountains, on isolated islands, found throughout the world, and throughout history, prior to what we know now as Western Medicine.


Shamanism was the medicine practice throughout Europe before the Spanish Inquisition, throughout the Americas before the Conquistadors, throughout Africa before the missionaries and military governments, throughout Russia and Siberia before Communism, and throughout China in the Taoist monasteries before Mao Tse Tung's communist regime.


A Shaman’s practice and range of healing ability and techniques differs depending upon the region, lineage, and their personal power. The name off course also changes depending on the culture, and language. In the Peruvian Amazon Basin they are known as “CURANDEROS”, in England and Europe as “DRUIDS”, in Korea as “MUDANG”, in Hawaii as “KUPUA” or “HUNA KUPUA” and in India as “RESHIES”.





Each persons mythology* determines their reality. The way we have been brought up from our family, culture, and religion determines what we believe as truth. Our truth determines our reality, state of consciousness, wellbeing and to a great extent our state of health. To a Shaman, mythology is the blueprint of the world inside a person’s head. This mythology informs what one sees and believes about the world. Each person lives their own reality. Human suffering and the root of most dis-ease originates in individual’s mythology/reality. This is one place where the shaman intervenes as a storyteller. Changing a person’s myth changes their reality.





A common theme amongst shamans independent of origin and time in history, is that shamans have the ability to communicate wIth the spirit world. In order to get assistance or information, Shamans may either communicate with spirits that are influencing (in a positive or negative way) the person in need, or with their own Allies (Angels, Avatars, Saints, plant spirits) on the other side. In other words Shamans believe in a fourth dimension which allows for parallel universes to co- exist. This forth dimension also allows for “time” to evolve and exist in a totally different way. Here it is perceived of as spiral, as opposed to the linear.




Shamans speak of a vast reality, which consists of more than the plain of the physical world our senses allow us to perceive. In a way, just like the Yogi sages, they claim that this world is an illusion; a world projected in the matrix creating what we call reality. The word “Illusion” does not imply NOT real. Rather it simply describes the actual nature of our reality. Each projection is contained within a specific sphere (screen) on the planet it is contained by Earth’s magnetic field and stratosphere, on the individual within their own luminous (magnetic) field.


What is projected in the Matrix (our physical reality) is known as Prana, Chi, or as our scientist name it today, sub- atomical partials called “strings”. These are building blocks used to build atoms, which in turn build cells, which in turn build us and every living creature and every thing we know.


Scientists explain that 99.99% of an atom is empty space. So what we call matter (once again our physical reality) everything we stand on, sit on, and are surrounded by is empty space. What makes us feel that our existence has some kind of “real” weight is gravity. One thing common to most shamanic traditions is the belief that any dis-ease first occurs/shows up on the energy field of a person, and in the case it is not dealt with on that level, then eventually it will manifest on the “physical’ body.


A shaman will intervene on the energy field, the charkas, and more than often in addition to the energy work he/she will also help with a more conventional way of approach which usually is herbology, change of diet and or fasting, and some kind of body work like Yoga, Thai Chi, Qi Gong etc.


*Mythology: A group of myths that belong to particular people or culture and tell about their own ancestors, heroes, gods, and their supernatural beings, and history.

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