Shamanism Revealed
March 13-17, 2023 

An in depth, 5-day training in shamanic medicine 

Learn the tools of the ancient shamans of Peru and how to apply them in the modern world to take your life in your own hands. Accelerate your personal healing and the healing of others.

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Shamanism Revealed
As an energy healer and life-style coach, you will learn the causes of the main disconnect our society is experiencing and how to heal this for each individual with a holistic approach. Become an expert of the meridian system and the energy field and learn how to clear out meridians and chakras to create a healthy, symmetric and expansive luminous field. In this training we combine science with indigenous wisdom which will fortify you with ways of acting in everyday life and expand your personal power, making you the director of your life! 

We are Earth-Keepers and first and foremost we teach the ways of  honoring Pacha Mama and living from a place of power!
Join us and learn how you can make the difference in your life and touch all those around you! 

Ray Speaks About Shamanism Revealed 


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This Unique Training in Shamanic Medicine Will Teach You:

Opening Sacred Space

Sacred space is opened before leading ceremony, healing session or blessing. This practice is paramount to the shaman's way of life. 

Learn how to open sacred space for ceremony, to call in a higher power, draw attention to the sacred and raise the vibration of your inner and outer world.

Power Animal Journeys

Discover the magic of power animal journeys, and how these journeys can take you into the deepest parts of your subconscious mind to initiate powerful changes.

You will discover your power animal ally and learn to guide others in finding theirs. From here on, you will always walk with your power animal by your side!

Cord Cutting

Learn how to cut cords with a person in your life (past or present) that has left you with any residual emotional blockages.

The practice of cord cutting releases the ties that bind you to the past.

Chakra Illumination

The luminous field is your beacon to the world; what it broadcasts is what you attract. This field (aura) is the lens from which you perceive the world.

Learn how to clear samskaras from the energy body so that you can realign yourself and others with synchronistic and abundant energy lines.

Healing Sessions 

With these shamanic tools you can help people with a wide variety of difficulties. 

You will be confident in offering cord cutting, chakra illumination and power animal journeys to others that are seeking help in their healing. 

Tuition $1,200

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March 13-17, 2023

Sessions are 9am-11:30am and 1pm-4pm EST daily

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Shamanism Revealed 

In this 5-day training you will establish a deep understanding of shamanic healing techniques. Learn shamanic medicine practices by experiencing + leading using the tools and techniques that the shamans of Peru have used for thousands of years.

Through the process you will acquire the knowledge and the steps needed in order to offer accelerated healing sessions for yourself and for others. 

Changing one old pattern can be enough to change the trajectory of your entire life. Your true self in the center of your heart is yearning to be expressed and it is ready to shine out into the world. Allow for any previous hurt and insecurity to fuel your inner light; come into a space where you own your destiny.

In this training you will: 

  • Learn how to open sacred space
  • Find your power animal
  • Lead a power animal journey 
  • Cut cords from previous dysfunctional relationships and help others do the same
  • Clear chakras from previous trauma
  • Learn how to offer 4 shamanic healing session

Throughout this training you will learn how to lead healing sessions that offer accelerated healing. These healing sessions allow you not only to reclaim your prior healed state of being but actually take an evolutionary leap to your next level self! 

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Guest of Honor 

In this training all participants will have the honor to meet and receive a blessing from Q'ero elder Don Francisco Flores  

  • Jaguar Path

    ““An extraordinary life-changing workshop!
    Ray reveals the threads that connect these two
    ancient healing arts and weaves them in a truly masterful way. ””


    Author of Shaman, Healer, Sage.

  • Jaguar Path

    “This journey has brought me closer to my essence - my core and my soul. I know I'm bringing this training with me into my life because it's now who I am.”


    Yoga Instructor

  • Jaguar Path

    “This training has changed my life and opened me up to many different ideas and options that I never even knew existed.”

    Sunny Jayne
  • Jaguar Path

    “Ray and Nina Crist are masters
    in their field, and they teach with great heart, passion, and a dedication to preserving
    the traditions and tools of the Q’ero Nation. I love the class size and the structure, which brings a level of intimacy and direct connection.”

    sheila basket

    Pampo Mesaiok

  • Jaguar Path

    “The Jaguar Path protocols and methodologies put more control and emphasis in the client's hands, where the healing actually lies. And this really resonates with me.”


    Healer, and Owner of Tea & Jam

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