Join us in the Jaguar Path conservation mission. Adopt a tree or adopt a whole field and you will be and earth keeper. It is now or never. EVery tree we plant together and every field we return back to the wild we are gaining more life and more abundance!  

We are focusing on the south part of Costa Rica and we are buying one tree at a time and one field at a time. Join us and participate in receiving updates on how your adopted trees and your adopted fields are doing, join us on the land to help with planting and designing. 


  • Jaguar Path

    “I am still astounded and humbled by the tremendously positive effects I have receive from the Jaguar Path. I feel so happy, ecstatic at times coupled with peacefulness and a distinct lack of anxiety that in the past lurked around every corner of my mind.  A profound ok-ness is beginning to feel like the new substate of my being.”

    LMT, Energy Worker

  • Jaguar Path

    “If you approach the teachings of the Jaguar Path with an open heart and an open mind, you will be changed.  You will understand what it means to “see life the way it is” and discover that you have the capacity, with the support of the Jaguar Path tribe, to react differently to challenges and make very different kinds of decisions about your life.   The Jaguar Path will rock your world – exhilarating, and transformational. ”


  • Jaguar Path

    “Ray has helped to nurture my Spirit and I became witness to my evolution as a human being while in Massachusetts and especially while in Peru. My life will never be the same again since meeting Ray. ”

    Wolf Den Expeditions | Eternal Flame Yoga

  • Jaguar Path

    “The vision these teachers so dynamically present
    unifies us with the universe, returning
    us to wholeness outwardly and inwardly.”

    Author, Linguist

"I love sailing the Pacific coast as we get to witness whales, dolphins,
stingrays and schools of tuna and blue marlins. The ocean  here
is so busy with life it keeps every cell of your body aware and alive!"

Ray Crist


Animals Fascinate me! 

Ray is an avid traveler and wildlife seeker. He was born in the US and grew up in Greece, he has traveled to Australia, Africa, Asia, South and Central America. He and his wife Nina now reside in Costa Rica between the mountains of Dominical and the Jungle of the Osa peninsula 9the most biodiverse place in the planet today) Ray and Nina enjoy the daily company of toucans, macaws, eagles, monkeys, jaguars, ocelots, sloths and many more beautiful and wild creatures of this earth. Costa Rica as a whole is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Ray chooses to live here and shares with the world his love for wildlife and all that it teaches us! 

When you awaken the wild within you the small voice in your head, inhibitions and insecurities simply disappear! 
Life in the wild is always enough and always awe inspiring! 

Join Ray in a journey of igniting your wild within! 

Dates Coming Soon 
Join us live on Zoom, or watch the recording at your convenience!

Become reacquainted with your primal wild side in this 6-week live (and recorded) series guided by captain, wildlife seeker and world traveler Ray Crist.

Experience the magic of each emotion and the power each animal has in its essence, meet your "power animal" and learn how to engage your with the emotions your animal guides teach you when you may need their support!

The Six Week Program
Beginning June  
Join us live or view the recording at your own convenience!  


Week One: Serpent
Grounded and Real

In week one, you will discover how to call in the essence of the serpent in connection to grounding. Being on the ground it knows how to get down to work. It likes to make list of things that need to be done and helps you clarify what is a priority in the day and must get your full attention and what can be put to the back burner! 

Practice: Wake up in the morning and create a funnel list of priorities for each day. In this list priorities are inside the funnel and secondary things like errands etc outside. What is in the funnel MUST be done what is outside can be done tomorrow!


Week Two: Jaguar
Focused and Clear 

 In week two, you call in the Jaguar so that you can learn how to move beyond fear of the unknown with both strength and softness. As you work with the Jaguar and its corresponding chakra, you will learn how to set healthy boundaries and how to merge with the flow of nature so that you can achieve your goals.

Practice: Jaguar SEES and asks you to write down what is the next GOAL in life that you are staking. Write down 3 or 4 ways you can approche what you are stalking. Ways to get closer to your goal and steps that get you closer to it! 


Week Three: Hummingbird
Sweet and Carrying 

In week three, you will fly alongside the hummingbird to clear your third chakra and move forward with sweetness. Any bitterness you have ever felt in life can be turned into sweetness! You will learn how to hover in the present moment so that you can appreciate the sweetness of every second. Drink the nectar of life, and live colorfully.

Practice:  Write down two brief lines about something that made you feel bitter. Humming bird says fly back out and away from that and don't let it consume you any longer. Burn it with a candle light and watch it disappear forever.  In its place after your fire ceremony go and celebrate with doing something sweet for yourself. A walk in the woods or a dinner, or a live music and dance event. 


Week Four: Condor

In week four, you will rise above with the condor, flying wing to wing with the great spirit, as you open your heart to the entirety of life.he condor invites you to fly above the collective so that you can better see the greater picture of your life. We do not need to always engage.

Practice: When we are in a conversation with one or more people our tendency is to speak and express our opinion. Condor says rise above this tendency and watch yourself stay detached and in discernment. Allow all others to talk and watch how things become clear as you stay in the space of discernment.   


Week Five: Elephant

The elephant has BIG ears and invites you to listen carefully. The elephant teaches us that in order to speak correctly you must first listen! 

When we listen carefully instead of focusing on what we are going to answer when the other person stops speaking... we actually hear the words the person is saying understanding their emotions and their vocabulary so when we take that time it is like educating ourselves with  what emotions we need to address and what words does the other person use and better understand. 


Week Six: Owl

The owl sees in the night where other animals can not see. imagine the eyebrows are the owls wings and in the center your "third" eye. 

We all have intuition and it is located exactly there in the prefrontal cortex It is there that empathy, love, and compassion are housed in our mind. When we use these qualities we can see beyond the quick assumptions people tend to make, and we can feel deeper in each person and understand their needs and their desires. 


Week Seven: Whale

The whales are considered to be the most ancient beings of the planet. For many Shamanic lineages across the world they aare considered to be appointed by spirit to protect the planet as well as all its inhabitants, including the human species. 

To get intouch with the whale energy means you open your pineal gland on the crown of your head and connect with the divine and your higher self. Through the whale spirit we awaken within us the ability to navigate life exactly as they navigate the immense oceans of our planet. 

The place of connecting with whale medicine and awakening your pineal gland is the center of the medicine wheel and the healed state of being. It is the optimal state of living on this planet as a free, self sustained and compassionate giant.   

Whale's Tail