An invitation from the elder Don Francisco and visionary Ray Crist 

The Chakana is a map and a compass that describes the nature of life and the dynamics of energies that create our reality. Studying the chakana empowers you to navigate life in a whole new way! Offer yourself this training as a gift that will give you the clarity, insight and courage to design your own destiny line! 

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~ Chakana ~
The Inca Medicine Wheel 

12 Week Program meeting every Tuesday 6:00-8:00 PM EST 
March 15, 22, 29  |  April 5, 12, 19, 26 | May 3, 10, 17,24,31, 2022

Watch live on zoom or enjoy the recording at your convenience!

In this training we will explore the Chakana and the Inca cosmology. You will learn about the four main power animals of Inca shamanism and you will dive deep into the Q'ero lineage of ceremony and healing tools. As we will move through the directions you will learn tools that will enable you to open sacred space, offer shamanic healings and live in a different way! 

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  • Jaguar Path

    “Ray weaves these ancient healing arts in a truly masterful way!
    This is a life changing training! ”

    Author of Healer, Shaman, Sage

  • Jaguar Path

    “Deep bow of gratitude for this beautiful training so intertwined & complimentary...integrating my entire human experience and continuing to heal me so deeply.”

    Founder of Ayurvedic Medicine Practice

The Medicine Wheel  

Week 1: Opening Sacred Space

Experience and learn how to open sacred space and use ceremony as a part of your everyday life. As you learn to open sacred space you  begin to explore each of the four directions and its corresponding power animal essence as well as Pacha Mama (mother earth) and Innti Taita (father sun)   


  • You will know the qualities of the power animals
  • You will establish reverence and way of living in gratitude! 

Week 2: Aini Despachio (Gratitude Ceremony)

Come together for Aini Despachio, adding your own intention and prayer to our offering of gratitude to mother earth. Receive a list of ingredients so you can hold your own ceremonies. You will learn ho to offer an Aini Despachio ceremony. Thanks giving to mother earth.


  • You will know how to lead a Despachio ceremony
  • As well as all the ingredients and Inca symbolism

Week 3: The Chakana - Inca Medicine Wheel 

Travel to each of the directions of the Chakana and discover how to use this as your medicine and compass for life. Move through each of the four directions, healing the different aspects of Self, and arrive in the center of the Chakana with a full heart and new perception of life.


  • You will know the Incan Cosmology
  • As well as lower-middle-upper world realities 

Week 4: Connecting to Pachamama

The essence of the Q’ero lineage is living in harmony with all of life around us. Discover new ways to honor and adore the land that you walk upon each day. Realize your true nature and the power that your inner shaman holds.


  • You will know  the way to honor our planet daily
  • As well as the ways of the Q'ero elders  
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Week 5: Using the Rattle

The rattle is a sacred tool used by the Q’eros in ceremony and healing. Learn about the components of the rattle and how the shamans use this tool to relax into a deeper state of consciousness and move deeper into the spirit world.


  • You will know What materials are used to create a rattle
  • As well as how to use the rattle to move energy  
The Rattle

Week 6: Opening and Clearing Chakras 

We have energy centers throughout the body that become stagnant and heavy as we accumulate unprocessed emotions and traumas. Although we may not see these energy portals, or centers, they are still affecting our everyday lives. This week we will learn how to open the chakras and release the heavy energy so that we can make room for more light.


  • You will know how to clear a chakra from a block
  • As well as how to move energy

Week 7: Creating a Mesa

A mesa is a medicine bundle personalized to each and every shaman. Learn about the symbolism and importance of each aspect of the mesa; begin to create your own medicine bundle.


  • You will know everything about the mesa cloth 
  • As well as know about the shamans stones in the mesa
Pampo Mesaoik

Week 8: Balancing the Energy Body

Clear out energy that is no longer yours to carry and come to a place where you can feel the deepest part of your heart.


  • You will know the way to balance the energy of the body
  • As well as how to clear the aura

Week 9: Finding the Nectar of Life

Connect with the essence of the hummingbird and the sweetness of life; reconnect with the feminine energy that is within all of us.


  • You will know the way to honor the feminine
  • As well as know about the feminine ancestors  
Hummingbird Medicine Wheel

Week 10: Discover Your Power Animal

Take a guided shamanic journey to meet the power animal that is forever walking by your side. Learn how to guide others on a power animal journey to meet their ally.


  • You will know what your power animal is 
  • As well as how to lead a power animal journey
Jaguar - Medicine Wheel

Week 11: Rainbow Body

Activate the heart and prefrontal cortex with this energy healing practice. Clear stagnant energy and seal any leakages in your luminous field so that you may see, and be seen, with a newfound clarity.


  • You will know how to open all the meridians
  • As well as know how to balance the endocrine system 

Week 12: Pampo Mesaiok Karpai

As we come to a full circle of the medicine wheel, in this session we will celebrate the knowledge we now hold as a way to navigate life. We are now ready to receive the initiation from the elders as a knower of the chakana. You are initiated as a link of a lineage who now carries the flame.   You are now ready to take the next steps in your life's journey as an Earth Keeper. 


  • You have come full circle to the healed state of being
  • You will be initiated as a Pampo Mesaiok (Earth Keeper)