Level 1 Shaman's Apprenticeship 

Guests of honor

In four of our sessions the Q'ero Elders will be with us! 

I am honored to share with you my teachers who will share the heart of the teachings of the lineage! 

Don Francisco

"Hatun Q'ero" (Grand master)

Don Sebastian

Pampo Mesaiok - Elder Q'ero

Donna Juanita 

Mamakilia- Grandmother Moon

Don Wilbert

Qero and Scholar of lineage

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The Medicine Wheel  

The Heart of the Medicine Wheel as a compass to navigate life

      South ~ Serpent
Week 1 - Opening Sacred Space 
Week 2 - Aini Despachio
Week 3 -  The Chakana 

West ~ Jaguar 

Week 4 - Connecting with Pacha Mama
Week 5 -  Using the Rattle

Week 6 -  Opening & Clearing Chakras

North ~ Hummingbird

Week 7 - Creating a Mesa
Week 8 - Balancing the Energy Field
Week 9 - Finding the Nectar of life 

East ~ Condor

Week 10 - Discover your Power Animal
Week 11 - The Rainbow Body
Week 12 - Pampo Mesaiok Blessing

More about our training 
Level 1 Shaman's Apprenticeship 

This level 1 shaman's apprenticeship will offer you a life changing experience. This is a training based on the Chakana - The Incan Cross and the four directions which holds the Inca cosmology and the way they view life. You will learn about the culture and you will dive deep into the Q'ero lineage of ceremony and healing tools. As we will move through the directions you will heal and evolve all the aspects of yourself. You will learn tools that will enable you to open sacred space, offer shamanic healing sessions and live in a different way!  

  • South the serpent teaches us how to clear anything that is holding us back from feeling grounded and connected with mother earth. 
  • West the Jaguar will change our mind (the way we think) and we will begin to think, speak and act without fear.
  • North the hummingbird will guide us to find the nectar of life and heal all previous bitterness.
  • East the Condor medicine will lift us and allow us to soar high above and from this space receive the medicine of discernment and clarity. 

When you move through all of the directions of the medicine wheel and heal all wounds you will arrive at the center medicine wheel and the center of  or your self! This is what the shamans call "The Healed State of Being." From there you shift your consciousness from "I need" to "how can I help you" 


"Having healed the four directions and aspects of our self
we arrive in the center of medicine wheel, in the healed state of being!"

Don Francisco Flores


Ray Shares about the Medicine Wheel Origin  

What we contribute to our life makes a difference in the world 

This training is a commitment and investment that will change your life!
We are here for any questions you may have as you consider joining us. 

Questions? E-mail us at evolve@jaguarpath.com

  • Jaguar Path

    “DEEP BOW of GRATITUDE for this Beautiful Training with
    all of its components....Yoga, Martial Arts & Shamanism....
    all so intertwined & complimentary.....integrating my
    entire human experience and continuing to heal so deeply.

    This work has allowed me to become more fully integrated & embodied!

    Ayurvedic Health Counselor
    Reiki Master & Advanced Sound Healer
    Clinical Certified Aromatherapist
    200 Hour Yoga Teacher
    Thank You both! ”

    Founder of Ayurvedic Medicine Practice

  • Jaguar Path

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Jaguar Path

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp