The Medicine Wheel 
The way of the Sacred Valley Shamans

Begins April 7, 2021

Every Wednesday 6:00-8:00PM EST April - May - June 


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Healing and Empowering the 4 Directions

In this training we will explore the Incan Medicine Wheel. As we move through the 4 cardinal directions of the Incan compass we will receive the healing and the empowerment from each direction.  As we move through all of the directions, we clear out what may be holding us back, and heal and empower all the aspects of our self. Through the South the serpent teaches us how to clear anything that is holding us back from feeling grounded and connected with mother earth.  Through the West the Jaguar will change our mind (the way we think) and we will begin to think, speak and act without fear. Through the North the hummingbird will guide us to find the nectar of life and heal all previous bitterness. Through the East the Condor medicine will lift us and allow us to soar high above and from there receive the medicine of discernment and clarity.  When we move through all of the directions of the medicine wheel and heal all wounds we arrive at the center which is called the Healed state of being. From there we shift our consciousness from "I need" to "how can I help you" and  "What can I offer to the world".

"Having heal the four directions and aspects of our self
we arrive in the center of medicine wheel, in the healed state of being!"

– Don Francisco Flores

The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel

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South ~ Serpent 

Week 1 - Gratitude Ceremony - Aini Despachio 
Week 2 - Opening Sacred Space 
Week 3 -  The Chakana - The Incan Cross

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West ~ Jaguar 

Week 4 - Connecting with Pacha Mama
Week 5 -  Using the Rattle

Week 6 -  Opening and Clearing Chakras

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 North ~ Hummingbird

Week 7 - Creating a Mesa
Week 8 - Balancing the Energy Field
Week 9 - Finding the Nectar of life 

Shamans Circle

 East ~ Condor

Week 10 - Discover your Power Animal
Week 11 - The Rainbow Body
Week 12 - Pampo Mesaiok Blessing

This training is a commitment and investment that will change your life!
We are here for any questions you may have as you consider joining us. 

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