Journey to Peru Land of the Shamans 

August 1 -  11, 2020 Itinerary

August 1, 2020: Cusco Airport to Yukay
Arrive at Cusco between 10 - 11 a.m.


We will pick you up from the Cusco airport (between 10 - 11 a.m.) then drive into Cusco for a delicious organic, farm-to-table lunch in the historic main square – Plaza de Armas. 

After lunch, we head to an animal sanctuary dedicated to saving the native animals of the Sacred Valley (pumas, condors, lamas and more).

In less than an hour, we will arrive at our home-base in Yukay and settle into our rooms. After dinner, we will meet in our first group circle for an orientation, to get to know each other and clarify our intentions for the journey.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Q'ero Welcom
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August 2, 2020: Temple of Písac


We will begin our day with Jaguar Yoga before breakfast. Grounding our feet in the fertile land of the Sacred Valley and breathing in the Andean Prana (life force) that nourished the Inca. We will begin our journey into the Sacred Valley.


After breakfast, we head to the ancient site of Písac known for its Incan ruins and agricultural terraces that are still in use today. We will participate in two Incan ceremonies while at the sacred site in Písac. Don Sebastian Flores, a Q’ero elder will lead a Despachio ceremony helping us give thanks for all we have and all that is coming. Ray Crist will offer the rites of the Warrior Shield, to protect you and heighten your awareness throughout the journey and beyond.


After exploring the ruins we will walk down to the town, spend some time winding through the streets of the famous Písac market, and sip coca tea on the beautiful balconies overlooking the colorful plaza. Písac is a wonderful place to stock up on shamanic tools all handmade by locals who have learned the tradition from generations of ancestors.

We will then treat ourselves to a gourmet dinner of organic Andean / Asia fusion provided by our favorite local restaurant before returning to our home in Yukay.


Písac Market
Temple of the Sun
The Sacred Throne of Písac
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August 3, 2020: Moray – Incan Agriculture 


Our morning will begin with Jaguar Yoga in the sweet gardens at Yukay. After breakfast, we will travel up the majestic mountains to Moray, long held as a sacred site by the Inca and their descendants, the Q’ero. Moray is the first place the Inca’s performed seed engineering using the terraces to create seeds adapted to a variety of altitudes to sell to the local farmers.


The Q’ero consider Moray as the navel of the earth. Ray will lead us in a ceremony to surrender something you feel holds to back to Pachamama (mother earth). Don Sebastian will offer the Pampomesayoc (Earth Keeper) rites to realign you with mother earth’s energy. This is a direct connection to the Incan lineage.

Yoga in Yukay
Receiving Rites
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August 4, 2020: Ollantaytambo – The Temple of the Winds


We will give ourselves the gift of morning Jaguar Yoga in the gardens, surrounded by the Apus (sacred mountains) and watch the sun rise above their peaks as we salute both Inti (the sun god) and Pachamama (earth goddess) in our practice. 


In the morning, we will wind our way along the sacred river Urubamba to Ollantaytambo and the Temple of the Winds. After exploring the sacred site, we will lead a shamanic journey of the condor riding the winds above the Sacred Valley. We lunch at the organic Heart Café—a non-profit organization providing medicine and clothing to the villagers in the high mountains.


After lunch we continue our ride along the Urubamba, this time by train to Aguas Calinetes (Hot Waters) where we will spend the night. We will take the opportunity to soak in the hot springs long known for their rejuvenating properties.

Aguas Calientes
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August 5, 2020: Machu Picchu – The Crystal Mountain 


After breakfast, we will make our way up the mountain to the sacred site of Machu Picchu. Built by the Inca in 1450 and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site (1983) Machu Picchu represents classic Incan architecture and engineering. As the winter home for the Inca royal family, the site also served as a center for worship and astronomical observations.


Machu Picchu is a crystal mountain that the shaman’s hold as a place or power. Ray will teach you how to create a sand painting (a tool for defining your dreams). The Q’eros know that creating a sand painting on the sacred mountain at Machu Picchu accelerates its effects.

After our lunch in Aguas Calientes, we will take train back to the Sacred Valley return to our home base in Yukai.

Machu Picchu
Balance at Machu Picchu
Yoga at Machu Picchu
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August 6, 2020: Initiation & Integrations Ceremony


Our morning will start with Jaguar Yoga. This is a day for reflection, resting, and journaling in the beautiful gardens of our home in Yukay.


In the afternoon we will celebrate in a ceremony of integration. Wilbert will lead us through a dance that will allow us to integrate everything we have learned as individuals and as a tribe! Fire ceremony to close our evening!


Temple of the Winds
Hotel ay Yukay
Yukai Trail
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August 7, 2020: Cusco – The Jaguar City  


This is our final morning of Jaguar Yoga in the Scared Valley under the glorious Apus. We will stretch our bodies, open our hearts, and prepare ourselves to head up and over the mountain peaks that have been sheltering us all week and back into Cusco.


Cusco was the Incan capital from the 13th to 16th centuries before the Spanish conquest. Many of the buildings boast the large granite blocks characteristic of Incan architecture topped by the more ornate Spanish colonial style. Once we’ve settled into our accommodations in the heart of the beautiful city, we will take a walk across the Plaza de Armas to the San Pedro Market—a favorite for locals to buy just about anything...including shamanic goods.


Our final dinner together will be in one of Cusco’s wonderful restaurants supplied with fresh produce from the Sacred Valley that nurtured us all week. Our closing circle is a time to say goodbye to those returning home and set intentions for those who will follow the Urubamba River across the Andes and down into the Peruvian Amazon for the next part of the journey.


Cusco at Night
San Pedro Market
Shaman Shop
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August 8, 2020:


Arrival at Puerto. Pick up with our bus to the river “Madre De Dios”  along with a long boat ride to our lodge.Welcoming with lunch, and then settling in our “malokas” (bungalows on stilts), group gathering for orientation, yoga / meditation to the sounds of the jungle.


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August 9, 2020:

Breakfast. Hike with our guide into the jungle to discover the medicinal plants the indigenous people use as medicine for common ailments. Although ayuhaska is one of the medicine plants the ingenious use, this ceremony is NOT a part of the Jaguar Path Journey. This is a day to explore the Caiman lake. Return for lunch and swimming in the pool. Dinner, and relaxing time in the lounge.



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August 10, 2020:

Breakfast. Hike with our guide into the jungle to discover the wildlife in the area.. Return for lunch and swimming in the pool. Dinner, relaxing time in the lounge.


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August 11, 2020:


7 a.m.departure with the long boat up the river Madre de Dios – our bus to the airport (PEM- LIM).

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