“An extraordinary life-changing workshop! Ray reveals the threads that connect these two ancient healing arts and weaves them in a truly masterful way. Ray’s teachings bring forth compassion and grace.”

— Alberto Villoldo PhD, Author of Shaman, Healer, Sage


“Ray creatively weaves shamanism into a powerful yoga practice. The journey is brilliant, mysterious and transformative.”

Christine M Snow, Ph.D.


Professor Emeritus, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Oregon State University




“True change is incredibly difficult, and rare. We may change jobs, or partners, or move across the country – only to discover, at the end of the day, that we continue to attract the same kinds of relationships, the same outcomes. And sadly, nothing has changed.

If you approach the teachings of the Jaguar Path with an open heart and an open mind, you will be changed.  You will understand what it means to “see life the way it is” and discover that you have the capacity, with the support of the Jaguar Path tribe, to react differently to challenges and make very different kinds of decisions about your life.   The Jaguar Path will rock your world – exhilarating, and transformational.”


Christina Holbrook,

Published Articles in Business Magazines

"I am still astounded and humbled by the tremendously positive effects I have been receiving from the past Jaguar weekend.  

I feel so happy, ecstatic at times coupled with peacefulness and a distinct lack of anxiety that in the past lurked around every corner of my mind.  

A profound ok-ness is beginning to feel like the new substate of my being."

2013 Graduate – Lara Conry, LMT, Energy Worker

“I participated in the Jaguar Path in 2014-2015 and found it to be a comprehensive guide to fulfillment, deepened my yoga practice, and taught me shamanism tools. I highly recommend this training for the novice and experienced yogi.”

Dr. Eric J Holsapple, Loveland, Colorado

"Jaguar path is a perfect blend of east and west ancient healing practices and self discovery modalities, developed through Rays’ own experiences .He has developed a careful curriculum of studies for all interested in learning more about healing , yoga ,shamanism and how to blend ordinary with non ordinary reality for the greater good.”

Laura Torado DDS FAGD

“Before coming to the Jaguar Path I was aware of the energy that was within me but I didn’t know how to begin using it. I practiced yoga which strengthened by body and heightened my sensitivity but I was directionless. Ray gave me direction. The way in which Ray teaches tools of healing is very grounded and articulate. He doesn’t cloak the tools in mysticism. Ray has helped to nurture my Spirit and I became witness to my evolution as a human being while in Massachusetts and especially while in Peru. My life will never be the same again since meeting Ray. The inner shaman has awoken.”

Jef Kittmer |Wolf Den Expeditions | Eternal Flame Yoga

"The Jaguar Path was a transformational experience. It led me to discover that there are no obstacles and that spiritual growth and healing doesn’t have to be a long or arduous process . . . it can evolve quite smoothly and gracefully given the right setting which the Jaguar Path provides. It provided me a safe environment to face my fears and begin the process of opening to the magic I always believed was there but doubted that I had access to. Thanks to this wonderful program I now see the world with new eyes.”

Michelle Littleton | Teacher and Healer


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