What is Jaguar Martial Arts? 

Primitive Movement

Tai Chi, Chi Gung & Kung Fu 

More than seven thousand years ago the Taoist monks (creators of acupuncture and martial arts) downloaded a deep understanding of the nature of our matrix as well as our physiology and psychology.  This is the first science of our species and when studied offers the ability to achieve an optimal state of being and engaging in the world.  Many martial artists are known for their "superhuman" feats and healing abilities.  

Join Young Master Nina Crist, for her upcoming martial art offerings! Tap into your inner peaceful warrior and enjoy traditional Shaolin kung fu exercises for increased power, flexibility and range of motion.  Experience the beautiful practice of Tai chi, a moving mediation that invites stillness and a deeper sense of tranquility and ease.  Cultivate your vital life force with chi gung, a practice of moving with breath to strengthen and refine your energy body. Boost your immune system and purify your internal organs as your body, mind and spirit begin to transform.