Beloved Jaguar Friends,

We hope you are well and thriving, enjoying the beauty that summer has to offer!
Nina and I are excited to share this year's calendar of events to offer you essential support and empowerment.

It is more important than ever to find ways to empower ourselves in our everyday life, to find inner truth, to connect with mother earth, and the beloved ones that surround us. 

Ray and Nina Crist 

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Shamanic Training 

This Training begins November  19-20 2022 

This is a unique healing program that combines Andean Shamanic Medicine, modern science, ayurvedic principles, nutrition, and gentle Tai Chi practices for all. As a certified energy practitioner and life coach, you will be able to recognize the issues or trauma that hold individuals back. Through your session, you will be able to offer accelerated healing with a holistic approach. 

  Become a Shaman Energy Healer

On a personal level, these shamanic techniques will offer clarity, direction, self-confidence, and the ability to manifest like never before.
On a professional level, this training offers techniques and tools that will empower you to offer shamanic healing sessions with confidence and ease!
Shamanism does not replace Western medicine Through our work we help people find their courage and their trust in themselves and the divine. 

Tuition $4,800
Early Bird 20% Discount - 
Only till July 30, 2022
Now only $3,840

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El Castillo Shamans

Andean Shamans In Costa Rica 
Ray and Nina Crist with the Q'ero Elders 
January 21-28, 2023

Receive your Pampo Mesaiok Initiation directly from the elders Don Francisco and Dona Juanita. Learn more about the lineage of the Q'eros and feel the blessing on a dna level. These men and women are the Earth Keepers and Healers and in this summit, they will be sharing with us ways to honor the feminine and mother earth, ways to learn from the animals, and ways to access our own magic and personal power! 

We are honored to share with you this summit of a lineage as old as the Inca civilization. The Q'eros are the Wisdom Keepers!

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