A Magical Journey by Land

June 17 - 24, 2023

With Ray and Nina Crist  


Ray and Nina share a heartfelt experience and their deep love for the beauty of Greece's ancient sites, majestic landscapes, mediterranean climate, and local cuisine.

Ray is a native of Greece. Along the way, he will share his extensive knowledge of the philosophers, sculptors and architects of ancient Greece as well as deep reverence for the mysticism associated with each temple.

Adding to the experience, Ray and Nina will offer daily practices in the form of meditation and Tai Chi to bring your experience of energy to a whole other level. 

Prepare for a trip of a lifetime! 
This is a deeply cultural, historical, mystical and human experience .

Once touched by Greek culture, history and music; your life will never be the same. Your heart will know an ancient song of beauty and balance, of gods and goddesses that sweeten existence and the powers of nature. The Greek food will be a whole other dimension of expansion as your upper palate will love the pure local ingredients and ancient recipes of pure delight. Your meals will be brought directly to your table by the Goddess Demeter, with wine by the God Dionysus for a culinary experience you've never had before! 

Journey to the Ancient Sites
June 17-24, 2023

Save Your Spot Now $3,200  

Price Includes:
Pick-up and drop-off at the Athens Airport, double occupancy room for all nights, breakfast, lunch, land transportation, and entry tickets to all archeological sites on the tour. 

Price Does Not Include:
Airfare, dinners, alcohol or any add-on activities  

Non Refundable deposit:
$1,000 non refundable fee that covers the costs we have paid for room, bus and ancient sites tickets. 

R&N Greece

During our time together you will enjoy...

Tai Chi at the Ancient Sites

Nina will guide the group through all levels
Tai Chi practice to feel and in your body and to store in your energy centers the pure Qi.
"Harvest the unique energy of these Power spots the Greeks chose to build their temples"


Ray will  guide you through deep meditation and visualisation sessions. "Visualize yourself receiving the healing of Hippocrates and the blessing of all the Gods of the sacred mountain Olympus" 


You will have time to reflect and journal about your days spent in these extraordinary places and moments to remember delightfully packed with history, culture, and images as well as scents and tastes and music!

Ancient Sites we will Visit 


The Parthenon, temple of Goddess Athena sits 450 feet above the city as a symbol of Greece's Golden era. The Parthenon bears the  architectural signature that established the precise measurements for all classical architecture that followed.


The Oracle of Delphi 

The Oracle is the place where all the kings and generals came to ask questions about the fate of their city and people or about their health and life. It is one of the most extensive archeological sites. The energy pulses at a high frequency, is palpable and mixes with the sent of oregano and thyme that comes rolling in with the summer breeze. 


Temple of Poseidon

Overlooking the Aegean, the temple of Poseidon is perfectly placed to honor the god of the sea. The blue water extends 300 degrees around the peninsula on which the temple sits. The sunsets are stunning and the ambience, mystical. 



A powerful ancient retreat center. According to Hippocrates, it was important for a person when in dis-ease to leave the city and tend to the health of their mind, body and spirit. The stadium is there to heal the body, the theater to sharpen the mind and the meditation temple to heal the soul.