Invite the Grace and Flow of Tai Chi into YOUR Life! 


Balancing Power and Grace

online with Nina Crist 
No prior experience required

Tai Chi and Kung Fu are two complimentary styles of martial arts that offer a direct connection to nature to awaken your innate ability to flow with strength.
This ancient practice of movement harmonized with breath offers clarity of mind and a deep sense of calm. Connect with your inner strength and ability to flow through your day to day life with more ease and joy.

Tai chi and kung fu have been revered throughout history for its powerful life force cultivation and the way it supports you in all aspects of your life:

  • Reduce stress to engage with life more fully
  • Sharpen your focus & increase clarity
  • Lower blood pressure as you decrease stress
  • Increase vitality and feel a deep sense of inner peace

Connect with the ancient and sacred practices of tai chi & kung fu.
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Get ready to receive the deep wisdom of these two complementary practices from lifestyle martial artist and young master, Nina Crist.

Shift your energy & live your best life!

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Enjoy the beautiful balance of power and grace as you flow and breath to awaken the rivers within. 

This pre-recorded Tai Chi Series Includes:

Six 1 Hour Tai Chi Classes

Easy to Follow Instruction

Guided Practice videos

Q&A Session

24 Move Yang Style Tai Chi

Learn the traditional sequence of postures from the 24 move yang style Tai Chi form.

This gentle, and continuous flow of movement with breath will cleanse and circulate the body's vital energy for increased health and wellbeing.

In this series, you will learn moves including:
"Parting the Wild Horse's Mane"
"White Bird Spreads its Wings"
"Grasping the Peacock's Tail" 
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Benefits of the Bone Marrow Purification Tai Chi form: 

Detoxify your body

Unblock stagnation to free up energy for health, vitality and creativity

Stabilize and balance the systems of your body

Experience meditation as movement connected with breath

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This form balances the inner yin & yang energies of power & grace.  Revered as a warrior form for its powerful chi cultivation and how it supports with:

Warding off negativity to invite positivity

Releasing what no longer serves you to allow space for light and vitality

Feeling alert as you let go of sluggishness 

Being present with the here & now