Jaguar Path Studio in Lenox, MA

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Two Weeklong Modules

Cost  $6,400 




Part  1

November 14-21, 2020



Part  2

April 17-24, 2021


Choose from 3 payment options.

  1. Pay both sessions by 8/1/2020 and receive a 15% discount

    Total $5,440

  2. Pay per Session
    Session 1 by 8/1/2020 and receive a 7.5% discount 
    $Total $2,960
    Session 2 by 1/15/2021 and receive a 7.5% discount
    Total  $2,960

  3. Pay as you go! 
    Session 1 $3,200 by 11/1/2020
    Session 2 $3,200 by 4/1/2021


                The Jaguar Path Studio is located in the Shakespeare & Company Campus 70 Kemble St,. Lenox MA 0124 

At The Jaguar Path Training

you will learn 20 shamanic tools and if you choose to you will acquire a 200hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification with an additional 5 day training at Kripalu. You will come to a deep understanding of meridians and how to clear the energy body through yoga and  shamanic healing sessions. Graduates of our unique program are ready to lead a yoga class with confidence and ease and are trained to offer accelerated healing sessions. The community that is created in this 9-month process creates life-long friendships and an amazing support network.

The Seven Foundations
October 19-20, 2019

In the first session of your training, you will learn how to use a rattle to clear blocked chakras, how to use feathers to smoothen the aura and how to balance the energy body. You will receive a solid foundation on the ways of the Incas, their practices as well as healing techniques. This session sets the foundations for the whole training. You will learn about the Chakana (Incan Cross), the Power Animals. You will learn how to use Rattles, Feathers, Cord Cutting knives, and you will learn how to Open Sacred Space.

Power Animals
November 9-10, 2019

The shamanic traditions use the archetypes of power animals as allies, advisors, and protectors. You will study the chakra totem and explore the power animals of the Incan trilogy, Serpent ( body), Jaguar (mind) and Condor (spirit) In this session you will learn to guide others through a shamanic journey of finding one's Power Animal. From this session on you will always walk with your Power Animal to your side. 

Shamanic Journeys
December 7-8, 2019 

The power of the shaman lies in the ability to explore and make changes in the subconscious. Their method is journeying. In this session, you will explore two profound shamanic journeys, "Soul Retrieval", and "Meeting your Ally." Through Soul Retrieval you will receive the healing and empowerment and will also learn how to lead others into a Soul Retrieval.


Dear Advisor Divination
January 11-12, 2020

This session is all about the sixth sense of insight and the use of oracle techniques. Through the exploration of the I-Ching, you will learn to draw information from ancient Taoist wisdom. You will discover that not only do we receive information from the future through divination, but that we also affect the outcome of events through the use of Sand Paintings. We become the directors of our own life and future.

Energy Mechanisms
February 8-9, 2020 

In this session, you will study the mechanisms of energy. You will learn how to clear three distinct types of energies (energy worms, object extractions, and intrusive entity extraction). These practices allow you to liberate crystalized prana from the energy body, making it once again accessible for everyday life and the designing of dreams. This is our deepest and most metaphysical session yet!

Tracking and Seeing
March 14-15, 2020
This session will be taught by three amazing teachers. Eric Casperson, Cristie Newhart and Kathryn Costa.  You will learn the Ayurvedic Principals the "Doshas" will allow you to read your client's body and to know their predispositions. You will also learn Ayurvedic remedies, receive nutritional information, as well as instructions on making an altar to help your clients begin to build and establish a balanced and spiritual lifestyle. You will learn how to create a vision journal.

Erin Casperson - 

Dean of Ayurvedic

School of Kripalu

Cristie Newhart- 

Dean of Yoga School

of Kripalu

Kathryn Costa -

Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

Using the Passwords
April 18-19, 2020 
Each client comes with a story and specific words that bind them. You will learn how to identify these as “Passwords”. Using the Passwords and offering new words to your clients, you can assist them to release emotions such as shame, guilt, pain, as well as inhibitions. You can support your client to rewrite their story. In this session, you will also learn the basics of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or else known as Tapping.

Healing Session Protocol
May 16-17, 2020
In this session, we clarify all the tools that we have learned and take a close look at how a healing session unfolds minute to minute. After this session, you will be ready, confident and empowered to offer shamanic session and to work with people who are either facing a psychological or a physical issue. In this session, you will have a clear way of guiding people into finding their Personal Power. 

Feathers, Rattles and Drums
June 6-7, 2020

Your graduation will be celebrated with fire ceremony! You will learn how to build a sweat lodge, and enter your final purification as an empowered healer. You will discover the most auspicious times of the year to perform a ceremony, how to lead men’s circles, women’s circles and ways to honor the changing of seasons. 


The Jaguar Path Studio 70 Kemble St. Lenox, MA 01240   -   KRIPALU Center for Yoga and Health MA    -   Nosara, Costa Rica