Pre- Recorded Shamanic Courses with Ray 

In each of these pre-recorded courses you will find 6 one-hour zoom workshops. These are both experiential and lecture giving you the opportunity to feel a personal shift and learn how to lead others. Take a moment to meditate and center yourself, light some incense and candle (if you like to), make sure you are comfortable and will not be disturbed for one hour.

When you are all set hit play and enjoy the journey. Remember that this is your journey and your willingness and participation will make the difference!  To get the most out of your experience I encourage
 to take notes and journal! 

From $300
NOW ONLY $99 each! 

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The Q'ero Nations People are the direct descendants of the Incas. When the Conquistadors arrived in the Sacred Valley the Q'eros took up to the higher grounds and established their villages at 16-18,000Ft There they preserved their language, their culture, and the magic of their healers. As the Q'eros returned to the Sacred Valley in the late 60's they share with all of us in the modern world their ways of being. 

These teachings are profound and absolutely applicable in everyday life. See how you can know more about yourself, your life and how you can engage in a whole new way in order to access your optimal state of being and YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE! 

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Humans have been gathering in circles around the fire for millennia. It is an ancient way that has allowed us to survive as a species. When we gather in circle we are safe. We can feel the support and the resources our circle offers to us and thus gather the courage to make the changes in our life. 

Acceptance, Admiration and Affection are the three pillars we use in order to create the safe space for you in this Sacred Shamanic Circles.  

Shamanic Journeys Thumbnail

Journeys are the heart shamanic work as journeys allow us to access our own subconscious and make changes in the deeper layers of our self. When we journey we can change neuron pathways and patterns which will allow for change to happen in our life. At the same time the shamans explain that we are making allies on the spirit world and they are helping us in the spirit realm on a karmic level. 

When we are in conversation with our allies through shamanic journeys we can make bigger changes on all levels! 

If you have watched all three pre-recorded courses and you want to learn more...
We would like to match your investment in yourself and offer you a $300 credit towards the
Shamanic Healing Certification Program!
Shamanic Healing Certifications