August 8, 2015

Shamans are individuals within a tribe, village or region who assist people in their community with matters of health, may that be physical, psychological or pertain to the larger questions of life. Shamans have been called and played the role of storytellers, wise men/women, psychics, seers, herbalists, mediums, consultants and more.

The word “shaman” originates from the Siberian Tungusic language. Its literal meaning is “knower.” They are also referred to as “Seers”. What Shamans “know” and “see’ is the world as energy. They are referred to as men and women with “enhanced” perception. In other words, they are aware and able to perceive a wider range of frequencies than our common sense has us believe. Shamans are the healers of tribes and villages deep in the jungles, high up in mountains, on isolated islands, found throughout the world, and throughout history, prior to what we know now as Western Medicine.

Shamanism was the medicine practice throughout Europe before the Spanish Inquis...

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