Andean Shamans Summit

Ray Crist with the Q'ero Elders
September 25th, 2021 3:30-5:30PM EST
Be with us Live on Zoom or watch the recordings on your own time!  

The Q'eros are the Wisdom Keepers! After 500 years of hiding in the summits of the Andes they are now coming to share with us the ways of the "Earth Keepers"  and "Medicine Men and Medicine Women" Join me in this unique experience live on zoom for receive the recording and watch at your own time! 


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50% 0f the proceeds will go directly to the Q'ero Shamans 

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The Qeros return to the world to offer us a gift! Learn about their traditions and expand your perception. Let us cultivate this new earth and a new (ancient) way of being in AINI (balance) with each other, and with our environment.

50% of all proceeds goes directly to the Q'ero Nations Pacos


Ray has apprenticed for more than 16 years with the Elders of the Q'ero Nations People. Through the years of trainings he has received  numerous initiations. Loved and embraced by the tribe he now holds one of the highest initiations and is named and honored by the elders as a Kuraq Akulleq - Visionary and teacher of the lineage. 

Hatun Qero Don Fransisco Flores has appointed Ray to teach the vision of the Q'eros throughout the world. He is guided and supported by Don Fransisco, Don Sebastian, Don Wilbert and Donna Juanita. 

Ray and Don Francisco

"It is more important than ever for all of us to learn how to become Earth Keepers. We live in a time of turmoil in which our reality has collapsed. Now we need to strengthen ourselves as individuals and as communities as we rebuild our new reality!"

Don Francisco Chura Flores