Andean Shamans Gathering
July 20, 2024 at 9:00-10:00am 


Join us in an heart opening experience! Meet the Elders Donna Juanita, Don Francisco, and Don Wilbert. 

The event will be hosted by Ray and Nina Crist Founders of the Jaguar Path School of Shamanism. 

Our Special Guests 

We are honored to present to you the elders of the Q'ero Nations People

Don FracCisco

Don Fransisco is the elder of the Q'ero Nations People. He holds the torch of the lineage and shares with the world the magic and the love of the Q'ero way of being! 

Donna Juanita 

Dona Juanita also known a "Mama Kilia" Mother Moon is Don Fransisco's wife and is the leader of the tribe. She expresses the qualities of the lineage

Acceptance, Admiration and Affection 

Don Wilbert 

Don Wilbert is a Pampo Mesaiok and a scholar of the tradition and the ways of the Shamans. 

Don Wilber speaks 7 languages and is proficient in all the details of the Q'eros